Monday, November 30, 2009

World's Largest Horns

I don't know where this bull is from but I thought it was fake. I checked out the rest of his photos, and they seemed to be real. Unless the person who did the photoshop is real good.

This is Lurch, the proud bearer of the world’s largest horns. Lurch is a Watusi bull living in an Animal shelter, whose horns measure 92.25 cm and weigh more than 100 pounds each. He’s quite the attraction in his home state and he’s favorite pass-time is acting as bodyguard for a crippled horse that’s being harassed by fellow horses.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fried Turkey

I haven't been posting lately, I've been doing some world trekking through the internet. All the places I would wanna check out, or if I were in the Navy. So far I am done with Asia, all of Asia, and all about each countries in Asia, except places like North Korea or other small Islands that pretty much has coconut trees and lava rocks. I am also done with Africa, just few places like Kenya with their awesome National Park, and Latin America including the Caribbean. Right now, I am on Europe except hostile regions like Bosnia and the rest of the Slovaks Nations. I know Serbia was a hostile country in the 90's, but I am sure it should be aight to visit there today. I still have The Middle East and The Pacific to check out. Later when I have the time, is to trek California on the road and on foot. I've been to most areas in California, but never had the chance to photograph them. And then so on...

Here are some cool shots though from Thanksgiving.

Here is the Turkey.

The cooks text messaging each other while frying the turkey.

Peanut oil - 325 degrees - 4 minutes per pound turkey.

Finished product, plus 4 more minutes to fry. It was under cook when it was 3 minutes per pound.

Sake pee-pee time.

Tiki sun bathing time.

I'm gonna stop tagging my blogs from now...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ramchand Pakistani

Pretty awesome movie. Youtube should have more free movies like this, rather than the divided sections of a movie posted in Youtube. I didn't even know there are Hindus living in Pakistan (Islam Nation). It's a bit of a twist to know some Hindus are calling a town in Pakistan as a home, when India where the majority are Hindus is a place where they were en-prisoned to by accidentally crossing the border.