Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MPC 1000 - Session 042709

Les Filles De Paris. I have no idea what that means but I do know that it's French. It's a song by Paul Anka. My folks has Paul Anka in the list when singing karaoke, actually I think most middle-age Filipinos do. The dude is Middle Eastern and I always thought he was an Italian American. Like one of them drunk guys with Sinatra or Elvis like outfit singin' in Vegas and all. Anyway, I got this Record awhile back, maybe around 6 years ago. It was a present I believe but I forgot whose it was for, or perhaps it's the other way around and someone made a joke and gave me this as a present.

I played it again, and I notice that this album has a lot of tracks in it that are really worth sampling. It's an Essential Collection and it comes with 2 vinyl records. So I put it on for a little test yesterday, took one little sample and then chopped it up in my MPC, I'm still new to this MPC sequencing so it's a little off beat, more of a rough-draft. But I'm gonna try and push this a little forward, like maybe record more acoustic instruments using my R-09 field recorder or a microphone, and then load that up to my MPC. For sure Vinyls is a must or CDs for samplings. It's unlimited on what you can sample really, but sound quality is also an important key element of making tracks. Unfortunately, my MPC is a bit limited, for theres not enough memory to my 32MB Flash Card. I need at least 1GB to load up more samples, and space for some saved up sequences and programs. The Hard Drive needs an upgrade as well.

This is my first video choppin' up a record sample. Again, this is just a rough-draft and I am still going to change the beats and lay some other samples to it. And then do all the arrangements and finalization in Logic later. So don't throw any stones yet if you're already an expert. I disabled the star ratings for this video just incase.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turntable Scratching

I've thought about this before. And once and awhile I do it on my turntable but without the mixer as a fader. I've also played around to our family stereo record player (technics brand from the 80's) back when I wasn't doin' music. I do have a turntable but you can't really scratch on a ttUSB. My turntable is designed for getting less popping sounds when recording old vinyl records, and into cleaner MP3 datas. It's always cool to sample them scratch sounds on to your tracks though. It all depends on what kind of track your doing too, you just can't add scratching to every track you have. I was gonna get me either a QFO or Controller One both made by Vestax. And since it's only for scratching purposes, all I need really is one Turntable built for scratching (possibly a used one) and a Mixer (also a used one).

This here is DJ Qbert jamming on his own designed QFO, it has it's own built in Fader, and other features. Cool instrument. Built for scratching.

This here is Ruckazoid jamming on his own designed Controller One. Ruckazoid emerged from San Jose. What's cool about Controller One is that it has this built in synth like buttons. It ain't really a complete set like QFO for you still gotta get a Mixer for this. Maaan at first by watching this video, I thought you can sync Controler One to a synthesizer. But it was just the record that he was jamming with that sounded like it was sync to a synthesizer, which is a techno/electro record music. His basically juggling just like chopping a sample in an MPC. But it ain't that easy to do, for that takes some skills and years of practice. All depends on the individual on how soon they can master the art of turntablism.

I would probably find bargains for something like these here:

The Needle Drop

Here is DJ Qbert illustrating basic needle dropping.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vinyl Records

I shouldn't be doing this yet till I start saving something up but I needed few samples for this current tracks. So I went and bought few old vinyl records at streetlight records yesterday. First I was disappointed to find that the Indian or Middle Eastern LPs were all sold out. I guess some other beatmakers or producers are cooking up the same recipes I am cooking. Fortunately, right next to that section were Bluegrass, and I happened to be looking for some old school bluegrass music also. Banjos man. I wanted to sample banjo sounds. I got two used LPs on Banjos: American Banjo which is nothing but all banjos and the other is called The Million Dollar Fiddle with Chubby Wise, a classic record from the Southern like Florida and Mississippi. And it's the whole enchilada of classic bluegrass. It sorta gives you an idea how banjo works with other instruments as a typical southern bluegrass band. And then find out how to mimic that through electronic music. There was no more Indian or Middle Eastern on the World section but I did find one in the Vocal section. I don't know much about Indian/Pakistan Musicians except for Ravi Shankar and Nusrat Fatteh Ali Khan but I am somewhat familiar with Hindu names, so I found one. Her name is Asha Putli, and no it isn't a traditional Hindu Vocalist like Morning Raga or sometype, I was actually amazed that she was in fact a soul vocalist back in the 70's. I can still sample at least two of her songs.

I was gonna buy more, since the used ones are good bargains. Next time, I may have to trade some of my old VHS movies and few CDs in exchange for some LPs. They were playing some dope ass jazz beats that day at the record store. Damn, I forgot to asked whose jazz band that was.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I made few changes to my STATIX VADERS character/logo/etc. Here are the previous logos.

Here are the new ones. I know, it does look a bit childish and actually that is part of my point. Sometimes childhood things can bring you back certain awareness and help you pull away from fire when it gets a little too close.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovers Lane 3000

One of the track I recently did. Can't really come up with a title so I just called this Lovers Lane 3000. I was gonna call it Capsulator Music 3000. Which is one of them capsule elevator but in the future. Like The Jetson or sometype. Because the song sounds like an elevator music. The title is just a title that I think fits with the sounds. And it isn't particularly about me but more about the music itself. Like a story. Maaan I gotta find me some samples. Some upbeat tunes. Something I can add in to my track that has more life to it. I don't dance but I like making dance music too. Maybe on the following tracks.

The ending solo on this track is something I sorta embeded in my mind from one of them new pop music and made it unto my own. Something I would send as a demo.

This track is all done by Virtual Synths: Minimonsta, ImpOSCar, and Rapture. I used an M-Audio Keystation 49e as a Midi-Controller.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton

Hella windy right now, and last night I hear racoons on the roof top. So far I am done with two tracks. Just little more sound mastering and compressing and it's done. Working on the third one. Which would make that 3 tracks to complete my 12 tracks as a set. But I am on a roll and might end up doing more than just 12 tracks. Actually 12 should be enough. The wonder of a Midi Controller and Virtual Synths really does makes creativeness more easier.

Aside that, my bro showed me this clip the other day, really looking forward for this fight.

Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao and Ricky "HITMAN" Hatton prepare for their MAY 2, 2009 Mega Fight. I still think Pacman is gonna win for sure. Rick Hatton might have a surprise though. Hatton recently fired his former trainer Billy Graham and hired Floyd Mayweather Sr. to train him. And the last time Hatton fought I think was with Paulie Malignaggi and Malignaggi has some wierd moves and sorta reminds him of Prince Naseem. Really flamboyant fighter. Hatton in the other hand, defeated Malignaggi by a slap punch. Hattan's jabs looks more proficient than before when he was defeated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. If Hatton had Mayweather as a trainer in the first place, who knows what Hatton could of been. The new trainer is good man. What I really wanna see though is Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. Two fast fighters going toe to toe. A perfect match and both in their prime. Mayweather a super cocky fighter who can back it up, against Pacman also a champ but a God fearing humble fighter. Both in the opposite side from each other as far of self presentation.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morning Madhouse - Prank Calls

These are old, I ripped them from a CD. It's a bunch of prank calls made by our local 102.5 KDON Radio Station, called the Morning Madhouse. Some of these pranks were funny at first until realizing that speech therapists would make a lot of money helping folks with broken English accents. Specially now, with all them job competitions going on. Having terrible accents can sometimes lead you to some really messed up situations for reals man. Or famous, like in the Entertainment Industry. I know because my own Filipino accents comes out once and awhile. Sounding like Pidgin Language from Hawaii or something. Which also makes me believe that Ilocanos has a strong linguistic influence in Hawaii.

Some people with broken english are intelligent too but most of the times it does makes them look unintelligent. Like Immigrants that comes to the US as Engineers or Computer Scientist. Don't get it twisted now, I am speaking for others with an understanding. Even some typical Americans don't even understand eachother.

Need A Job

Help From The Record Store


Fast Food

Lost And Found

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kumar Goes to White House

Kumar is moving from White Castle to The White House.

Kalpen Suresh Modi, known by his stage name Kal Penn, is an American actor and film producer, as well as the incoming Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in the Barack Obama administration. His major role for the Obama Administration is to serve for the Asian and Pacific Islanders Community. The dude is an Indian descent, a Hindu with possible Portuguese Ancestry.

Kal Penn is leaving the show "House" to work in the White House. The actor, best known for his role in "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," tells Entertainment Weekly:


Monday, April 6, 2009

Taepodong Missiles Project

There was another North Korean long range missile test-fire called Taepodong-2 back in 2006 but it failed. The recent rocket lift-off was from Sunday at 11:30 am (Eastern Time). The South Korean Newspaper says that the lift-off was a success. Other says it was another failure. If it was a real Nuclear Missile, it could reach up to 4700 miles from North Korea to Hawaii and Alaska. Possibly even in California. Maaan if Osama or a country that hates America with already developing Nuclear Weapons gets a hold to this project, North Korea would be a rich country until that same project backlashes. Communism and Islamist clashes too. But money do talk, my brother says right before our Sunday dinner. And it does makes a lot of sense. In the other hand, I don't think North Korea is dumb enough to do so. Remember the war between Russia and Afghanistan? I don't think these two will negotiate business on how to blow up the world. To me, the rocket would be more of an extortion situation. President Obama is now making peace to other countries soon as possible. Making our allies closer than before. Like France and India. Iraq in my belief is already an American Territory. A Capitalist owned, rooted from the Bush Administration. Obama is just cleaning up the mess where Bush left off. Iran might be on the counteroffensive mode for that reason.


I guess make friends with North Korea already? Although the land has nothing much to offer. Capitalism just doesn't work well with Socialism. Except for the Chinese style Special Economic Zones, a movement towards Capitalism. Could that also be part of the Taepodong Missiles Project. If it is, then it is a threat.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Saturday's Finest

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As ghetto as it may seemed. Sardines are very tasty. Sometimes I do get tempted to get a burger. But rather save it for something else. Perhaps for hiking later, or a movie, soon as I am done with these current projects.

I'm also waiting for an update about the imminent missile launch from North Korea. Supposedly, the launch starts today till the 8th of this month. What if it's really a long range test-fire, other than a satellite. The satellite could also be a device to pin point targets. Kim Jong-il recently had a stroke. What is Kim Jong-il's last goal before he's gone.

Copy Cat - Jiverly Voong

What 42-year-old Jiverly Voong did is most likely a copy cat of what Seung-Hui Cho did at Virginia Tech. Mr. Voong also used two handguns and lots of ammunitions. The building he chose to carry out his fury was an area he was familiar with. He knew there are only two doors which is the front and the back. He used his truck to block the back door and the front as the main entrance to start the slaughtering. The same method of what Seung-Hui Cho did by chaining the doors back at Virginia Tech. Mr. Voong might of felt like the Immigration Center failed him to improve his English Skills. A perfect spot for him to prove his point. Plus the numbers of people in the building that didn't know how to speak English for help. Maaan, the only person that called 911 is the receptionist who was shot in the abdomen. Possibly the only few people in the building that spoke any English for sure.

Aside that, based from what I read, rumors says that Mr. Voong was a hardcore hater.

Now I am really thinkin' of arming myself if I get a Security Job. I'm pretty sure someone else are going to try to top this one up. The dude had a bullet proof vest. Obviously he was expecting security guards being in the Immigration Center. Next thing you know maniacs are gonna be using grenades.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taliban Flogged a 17 Yr. Old Girl

I found the blog from The Jawa Report. I was just browsing about the detained No. 2 suspect of the Mexican Juarez Cartel, and not only that I found what I was looking for, I also found this story of the Taliban flogging a 17 year old girl. Jeeez man, American girls has it easy and very lucky to be far from this type of laws. She was probably just talking to a girl next door or something.

Here's the grainy 3GP video being sent from phone to phone throughout Southeast Asia showing Sharia Law. In it Taliban enforcers in Pakistan's Swat Valley, which has just made peace with the Islamists and instituted Sharia Law, are seen beating a young girl.

Her crime? Either she was caught leaving a man's house without a chaperon or she's been accused of fornication.

Good thing she wasn't married and caught in the act in which case the punishment would be stoning to death.

The caption accompanying the video at Liveleak says her screams are translated as, “Please! Enough! Enough!” and, “I am repenting, my father is repenting what I have done, my grandmother is repenting what I have done...”.

The man beating her says, “You should hold her tightly so she doesn’t move.”

Vicente Carrillo Levya - Juarez Cartel

Mexico arrests suspected No. 2 in Juarez drug cartel.

Vicente Carrillo Leyva, the 32-year-old son of deceased drug kingpin Amado Carrillo Fuentes, was arrested Wednesday while exercising in a wealthy neighborhood of Mexico City.

Reporting from Mexico City -- Mexican authorities on Thursday announced the capture of Vicente Carrillo Leyva, a suspected top leader of a family-run drug gang based in Ciudad Juarez and one of the country's most wanted figures.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009