Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ableton Live Demo

Messing with Ableton Live Demo and I accidentally click on record while jamming. Mostly break beats, tr-808 beats, reggae beats, some crazy sounding synth fx, and few scratch samples from DJ Q-bert. You can't save on this demo, so mind as well record it on video and share it. I have the full version of Ableton Live but I stupidly placed the RAMs on the carpet while vacuuming the dust out from my Apple G5 Tower. I am gonna have to wait till I get new RAMs, and hopfully soon. For now, I am stuck with my old laptop that are compatible only to demos, as well as doing sequencing in my MPC, just to relief some stress man. I guess I was too comfortable on Logic Studio, that I was somewhat intimidated to Ableton Live 3 years ago, or maybe 4. So far the basic in Ableton Live is pretty flexible. Now it makes more sense, of how much more flexible that would be if I hook it up with Akai MPD32 or Akai APC-40...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is the farthest I can get close to the outdoors at the moment, I mean I've been further as far of driving goes, but when it comes to nature, this is it for now. I went to the backyard few days ago wishing of having a cigarette (actually I quit smoking), it was not raining, and the skies looks pretty cool enough to photograph. Looks so inviting. Then I remember the notes I've been writing during the summer time and thought about maybe going a little further, not too far, just at the park near by...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free TR-808 Samples

A day or two before the earthquake in Haiti there was a 4.1 earthquake and few little shock before that in the bay area. The local news says the center of the earthquake was in Milpitas City, just a few miles from the house. Today the clouds are making noises again for about 3 days now, there are loud thunders but I didn't notice any lightnings. Supposedly, there was this hardcore storm that was gonna blow away some roof tops, but that didn't happened today as expected.

And man, I was right about my optimism about the place where I got interviewed. What ever it was, my nightmares seemed to gone away. The memory when I was around 13 probably hunted me till then and forgot about the source of it. It is not very pleasant to see. The photographs I've seen sent from my folk's work looks so happy back then, and I didn't had any idea what was behind it. No, they didn't do any bad things, it just made me more realize what they had to see to make a living. Science is amazing man, and creepy at the same time. I mean if you are an artist and all, what people find as normal can creep you up sometimes. Well most of the time. I don't mean to point out anyone in a bad ways either, it's my own personal perspective on things, some people are stronger in the mind than others, just depends if they even notice them.

Anyways, I downloaded some TR-808 samples over the internet and load them up to my MPC. Made a simple sequence and it sounds pretty authentic enough. Added few jam to it with a synth and key strings. Trying to balance old school beat, retro, and classic into modern. It's a little out of jam but I will clean it up and perhaps make a full track out of it. Thanks to this site from The TR-808 Zone for their free samples.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making Noise 011310

Call it noise, industrial, experimental, but whatever it is, it feels really free to do it. Almost liberating. I didn't use any of the banks which I should do next time. If I use the banks, that would also be more like using field recorded samples, and then tweaked them up to make some noise. It's not just any noise either because anyone could just bang some pots and pans. I still need a microphone and perhaps speak in tongue to it. This method is not necessarily for attracting an audience, that would be something else, which is making music. Music meaning something orchestrated from scratch unto melodies, and I do that when the time is just right.

My prayers and thoughts also goes to the victims of 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Did you know that Haiti was once dictated by a Voodoo Doctor named Francois Duvalier. Based on the television news, Haitians really lack resources. In Haiti they use lots of concrete blocks, and cements more than woods. Not much local doctors, and nurses, even proper schooling programs, but they do have foreign volunteers.

Watching the news about Haiti makes me wanna volunteer, and to take advantage of doing photojournalism. And then I thought about the smell of death after the third day man. But I'll check on that later about certain volunteering for photojournalism. All I need is a descent honest portfolio and volunteering would be the best way to do it, if you can get in. Other than that, my fingers are crossed about my interview tomorrow, so far I seem to like the job and I want it. I am not too optimistic yet, but I will blog about what it is, if I get it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st Blog 2010

The year went by too damn fast. I am still not in the mood of finding about the Mexican Calendar that was said about this year. So far I am done cyber trekking europe, I am now trekking few islands of the pacific. The only parts of the pacific that I finished were of asia. Which was The Philippines and Indonesia. Even Taiwan if that counts as part of the pacific. I wonder if I can wear thick jackets out in the cold, after I fill up this form from a website. That way, I can get started on making tracks again. I gotta catch up with this duck here. He even does vocal...