Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Setting

All the gears are in and the Electric Outlet is also fixed. I did everything correctly to fix the Electric Outlet except for not taping the exposed copper wires. But it's running cool now. I ain't gonna make music in a little while due to other priorities but I will practice whenever I have the chance.

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The final setup.

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I thought my stuff ain't gonna fit to this new room. But reading and watching how Japanese people sort their stuff in small spaces gives you ahead start on how you gonna fit them. And it works.

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Here are the CDs my bro left and I mixed it with my own CDs. Some I didn't notice I already have a copy, so I scribbled few CDs. If I was only a DJ, there's probably enough to play here. I still have to make the mixtape later and then post it here as a blog. I'll start with some old school R&B and Soul.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Murder Suicide - Lupoe Family

Once I place all my stuff together in my room, I turned on my television just to check if I got all them connection working properly and then I see this. It's about this one dude that have a big house from Southern California that recently killed his wife and kids, and then himself. They were both layed off from their hospital jobs. They faxed a suicide note to their local news station. Based from what I gathered from the news, there are evidence that the Lupoe couple were a bit delusional, perhaps even unfit to take care for their kids. Which could be the cause on loosing their jobs. The paranoia of handing their kids away in someone else's hand was the big reason of what triggered them to commit the murder suicide.

Iceland Government Collapses

I ain't sure if it was Iceland or Denmark that students doesn't have to pay loans to go to collage because their government pay their students to go to college. And maaan, I thought they'll never gonna have problems towards their governments because of that. Tough times around the world. Even in Iceland. A place I never thought of even having a government.

Read more about it on euronews.

Now I am questioning if we are not far behind them. And what in the hell happened? In my best opinion to catch up in times like this is to lay low on luxuries for now, and get with them close relatives or friends that your closed with under one roof. Speaking of humbleness, It's becoming like Philippines where they ridicule people that are too high in luxuries because the economy was too corrupted for long time. It's true! The only difference to some folks in the Philippines is their religious morality although life can be really difficult. There are areas in the Philippines though that are more laid back if your the type of person that likes things really simple. The only catch is lack of securities, and chances are militant groups will offer you with their own versions of better hopes. Philippines was about to pick up a bit and then came the Intel mass layoffs. One thing though, if I have some big money saved right now? I'll probably spent it to buy cheap houses. Sell your big house, buy small house, rent a small room and get that cheap house rented out when the economy picked up a bit. Yeah? Maybe? No? I don't know, Im no relator and I don't even know if that would even work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cables and Music CD's

So far we got two roommates in one room, expecting two more for my older room and they will be in the house this weekend. We are thankful that is taking care off. I emptied my older room all in one night and moved to my newer room. Not everything are in my new room yet, I still gotta fix the Electric Outlet to get some electricity going to my room. I'm using a cord temporarily, but mostly for my laptop. I'll post the final setup later.

My clothes went in first and then the electronics.

Separating the Midi Cables, Audio Cables, RCA Cables, Electric Outlet Strips, and Etc...

The bed are also in now. This here is Sake being comfy on the first night of bed.

My little bro left some of his CDs. Mostly R&B, Backstreet Boys, and all them Rap Artists from Cash Money Records. Not my taste of music but some of his stuff sounds pretty good. I was sorting the cool ones and the outdated ones. One thing for sure, 15 years from now, all those outdated music will sound cool again.

That's Tiki Munkey keeping me company.

I'll listen to some of them CDs and make a mixtape later. And then I'll post it here as a blog so you can have a listen to them. I'll start with them R&Bs, again not my taste of music but maybe I'll picked the good ones.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Room

The room was my old room. And then later became my little bro's room. He recently moved out along with his lady to an apartment. They are planning to have a family of their own and if they can save enough, maybe get a bigger house, and my folks will move in with them. I'll wait till the Electric Outlet is fixed and working properly. I tried fixing it myself but trying was the only result I got. Hey man, I'm no electrician. I have until next month to move all my gears to the other room. It's a regular size room that used to be part of the backyard, but not as big as the room I have right now. By looking at how I'm gonna arrange my gears to that room, I can tell I'll have more functionality with my gears than the room I am at right now. Hoping for better productions. But soon or later, if the economy picked up a bit I'll probably get myself a studio or a better one to live at. Maan, I'll even live with the monks or in a monastery as long as I have some space for writing and making music. As a matter a fact I'll even live in the jungle and live like Tarzan if there are such jungles anymore. Remember Tarzan, Jane, Boy, and Chita's tree house? I always thought the tree house was cool. But maybe not to that extreme. Just wanted it simple but creative at the same time. We are basically, expecting a couple of old folks to rent out the room I have now.

The Inaguaration Glitch

That's History right there. And part of history doesn't necessarily means perfection either. Well, in a way it is perfect no matter what the situation was, it happened and it will be talked about. Even the boooing part. For the fact that President Obama has to do the oath over again just to make sure that he really does have the power as president, is pretty much a big symbol of the process of change. I heard stuff in the news about the man (John G. Roberts) that gave the oath was a rookie and never made a big mistake before on his speeches, and that he was well known to a lot of people that he is legit and that he is a good man. It was a bit obvious to sense how Bush reacted about the mistake, when he was being escorted by the Obamas to the Chopper. Not that I am against the Bush Administration in anyway, I am just blogging about what I saw.

After escorting the Bushes, President Obama even forgot that each of the folders he had to sign had it's own pen to sign with. That's a lot of pen. Why not one pen for all them folders to symbolize the economy or something.

The retake - but I call it, fixing the glitch.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Graphics Supplies

I ain't done transferring all my stuff to the other room yet. Just the other day my family and I were just clearing out some of the stuff stored in the hallway cabinets. We needed the cabinets for other stuff but I am going to transfer my stuff to a much more secure place. Most of them were my old stuff from my High School and Community College days. I was sorta surprised how some of my graphics supplies were well preserved: Prismacolor Pencils, Charcoals, Watercolor Paints, Rapidograph Pens (the rest of my rapidograph pens were borrowed by an old friend named Johnen Vasquez - the dude never gave them back, but is cool - it's amazing how some of his works evolved to become well known in the comic book industry today - his also the creator of the nickelodeon cartoon series titled Invader Zim), and etc. There's no reason to play the violin here, because I chose not to do this professionally, one thing for sure I was sorta tired of people asking favors to make them art works for free... lol! I did work as a graphic artist to some Clip Art company, but I had other Ideas then. And that Idea somewhat faded away and forgotten, and so on. Sometimes I do make some sketches like for making notes and stuff, and it actually looks more well rounded than before.

Here are two samples of what I did back in High School. A pointillism style using pen & ink medium. They were for a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. district poster, both won grand price through out the district, one from my softmore year and the other from my senior year - I used the last reward for my first SLR camera.

This is the first one.

This is the second one.

Inauguration. Today is the day for the man. And maaan I wish I be there to take some pictures in Washington DC. That's good History right there...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama's People - NYT

I snatch this from Angry Asian Blog and there are other photographs too. Getting to know the people in the Obama's Team.

The New York Times magazine has a great photo gallery by Nadav Kander, featuring 52 portraits of Barack Obama's top advisers, aides and members of his incoming administration: Obama's People. It's a really cool feature, with some really nice, revealing photos of these personalities. Be sure to look at it with the audio narration. Among the portraits are:

Eugene Kang, 24, Special Assistant to the President

Pete Rouse, 62, Senior Adviser

Steven Chu, 60, Energy Secretary

Eric K. Shinseki, 66, Veterans Affairs Secretary

To see the full gallery of photos, go here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oscar Grant - Bart Police Shooting

I feel really bad for Oscar Grant and his family for him getting shot and murdered by a police officer on the New Years of 2009, at a Bart Station in Oakland. I think it was the layering of Oscar Grant's clothing that made the officer panic. They probably struggled to get his both hands detained - and Oscar Grant was afraid of getting beat down by batons like they did to Rodney King. So he was also in a panic mode. Anyone that are constantly program to think that anything that might resemble hip-hop is a sign of a threat should learn the basics of identifying urban characteristics. But then you never know man, all them movies that are shown about the lifestyles of famous hip-hop artist, police officers also watch them with their buddies in weekends. Officers should be more cautious and specific about the differences and locations. There are real thugs, wannabes, fashion statements, and real hip-hoppers. You can even tell if they were urban undercover cops sometimes because their urban stereo types looks whack. Sometimes hip-hoppers do carry weapons like most bay-area hip-hoppers do. You even see them posing in Myspace and all that. See, it is hard to tell sometimes. Here is the footage from the Local News:

Taser Gun should of been used instead - but again, the current Taser Guns that officers carries can also kill. Like this one dude that was killed by a Taser Gun in an airport at Vancouver Canada when the police mistakenly thought the stapler he was holding was a real weapon. Turned out he was a Polish man that spoke no English and came to Vancouver to see his mother but was lost in the airport for hours, which lead him to his frustrations. His blood pressure looked way too high and the shock from the Taser Gun was probably the cause of his death. I don't understand about the beating afterwards when he was already detained. They should of used the stuff they use on Rhinos that lowers the blood pressure. In the other hand, from watching the video closer I don't think it was the Taser Gun that killed the man. Here is the footage of Mr.Robert Dziekanski who died from the Taser Gun.

Speaking of security, I took my test today to become one. There were other dudes with me that took the test, two Ethiopians or Somalis, one of them thought my name was Abdullah which was weird because Abdullah Mujahid Rashad is my Counter-Strike screen name if I play the terrorist side. These two were Ethiopians for sure because of the food this one guy eating during lunch, one big heavy Latino that works as a security guard at a college campus, one Asian dude that claimed to be from Tibet <-- this dude was playing dumb at first but he did real good on the test, and one white kid with an Arian all black ink Celtic Cross tattoos on both arms. I suspected they were already security guards taking the test for a guard card renewal. Daamn man, I forgot my glasses, I had to hear the instructor read the questions and answers on the boards during lectures. I still have to get my finger prints and wait for the guard card to be sent to me. My fingers are crossed in hoping of finding a place to work as security guard. And still a hippie at heart no matter what.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking Back on Equipments

Looking back to what I had before really helps a lot to appreciate what you have today. Damn man, I remember being in this same room and all I had was a desk and a mattress with no frame - but I have the same TV. I say I did progressed something here. And all them hardwork I've done was really worth it. From a dishwasher to a scraper banging on beef jerky grills for 10 hours to 17 hours 6 days a week. I managed to save enough to built a comfort zone for myself and be creative in that zone which I love doing most today. No, I was not on any illegal uppers. But I was using some energy booster like xenadrine nrg 8 to keep up with the jobs I had before. The only side affect on that was the nightmares of gory war scenes (too much faces of death videos back in the 90's and pc war games).

I did a painting before those times. While getting drunk over a wine, I painted a sangria wine bottle and a beer bottle with a John 2-1:11 written on one of the bottles. I still have that painting.

Image Hosted by
John 2-1:11 circa 1997

Recycling Old Mac

I went to a junk yard the other day but they were closed. I probably went late or on the wrong day. I am recycling few old electronic stuff: my first Apple Mac Tower with the monitor but I kept the Hardrive and two RAM chips. I placed back the CD Drive. Also a broken stereo with them speakers, old school big scanner, old printer, a broken router, a broken Zip Drive. And few other stuff made with metals. I was going to sell them on eBay but who the hell are going to buy them in times like these. And on top of that they don't really work that good. I guess I'm feeling a little bad for recycling my first owned computer. The only things that I don't recycle or sell from now on are musical instruments.

Image Hosted by

On second thought, I probably not going to recycle my first Apple Mac Tower (pic above). I'll modify it later - and then "maybe" sale it on eBay with a higher price. Like this Mac here, same model. But mine would have no bluetooth, no Internet, none of that stuff. Anything that will provide more privacy on writing personal journals and secret recipes.

Now that I am doing this blog thing, I may have to take my point & shoot camera along with me if I go somewhere. So I went and bought few batteries for my point & shoot camera, some gum, and dog food for my goat named Sake. I was going to use the recycling money on that, instead I used the money I got from the holidays which I was saving for a better day. My DSLR camera is a bit too big for me to carry around, so the point & shoot camera will do. Not a good quality one, for it sorta distort some peoples' heads like some digital cameras do. But it works well on animals and non-human stuff.

You may ask why I am doing this blog thing is because sometimes you just have to write things down. It's a good medium to improve your reading and writing skills. And to write progress of my music. Since I do not do live shows, the cyberspace are more comfortable for me to show my work. Sometimes I do look a little weird taking pictures and shit like that but hey man just don't think I have a disability if you see me taking pictures. I know this may sound cliché' but I am an artiiiisst. I probably not gonna take too much pictures unless if it's in a appropriate area that are worth using DLSR cameras. For instance, like a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge rather than inside a supermarket taking pictures of kidneys, livers, and guts.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Why the Influences

Why some of my music sounds more like the Orient when geographically I grew up in the US and from the Philippines. Not because I am trying to stereotype certain sounds. Most of my sounds comes out naturally using my instruments. The town called Paoay (formally called Bombay) that I grew up on in the Philippines used to channel these Cantonese and Mandarin stations from our television, and they used to have these Chinese operas. Although it was a black and white television and a bit staticky, it didn't really matter. They sounded pure and soulful to me, and gave me the natural ideas to my music today. Ilocos area are known to have lots of Chinese descendants coming from Fujian and Taiwan. Historians says even the Japanese settled there way before WW2. Eventually, most of them lost their identities due to Spanish rules back in the Spanish Colonialism. All these different groups also got together and built St. Augustine Church designed as a fortress to defend the town against incoming pirates. Today there are still some Chinese business owners that sells tires and medicines back in Paoay and South Indians that sells stereos, boombox, radios, and televisions from further down the north east of my town. Almost like the area I live on today - Chinese folks that lived in Vietnam, Indian folks from Punjabi, along side with the Latinos, and Filipinos.

I am done with my first Album. As a hobbyist and independent also means relying on my own finance to support it. Still have more to learn about the production side and I may have to take classes for that later. One thing for sure, passing this one test to get a license will finance that. Not just for me but to put some extra something something on the family table along with some bonuses.

If wondering where to get your tracks out for sale, here are few of them that are cool. Places like: Tunecore and CD Baby. Where they also sell them for you electronically like in iTunes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just to Mention

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A PC with access to the internet or if renter has their own - we have the AT&T router WiFi covered.

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A washer and dryer in the garage, also available.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Done Repainting

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Repainting the house is done. Same paint colors on most of the walls using off white. At first the kitchen area had some funky looking orange color but my father says that it will bring some life to the kitchen. He also says "It is very artistic concept." We freaked out because we thought he was gonna paint the whole house orange. We change the colors to dark reddish brown afterwards for the divider that separates the kitchen from the TV room - more like a red oak to match some of the furniture, and yellow green for the kitchen walls.

Image Hosted by
That's my father painting the living room. I painted most of the hard to reach corner areas.

Image Hosted by
This is the room we are getting rented out. Also been painted down with new curtains and everything. Boombox, Alarm Clock, CD Rack, Dresser, and the Lamp are included. The television is optional but also included. The bed frame is already out because we expect the renter to have their own.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Palm Reading - The Phalanges

My family and I are repainting the house. Something for the new years resolution plus we are expecting new room-mates. Since the economy ain't well right now, we thought it would be a smart advantage to get one of the rooms rented out. All painted out with new curtains and everything.

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While doing all these arranging around the house, I stumble upon some books in the storage house. Books I bought when I was taking few several art classes back in the 90's (actually thinking of taking some more art classes later - maybe even protools class). Since I only have 10 vinyl records as a collection with 4 crates, I'm using books to fill in the crate's empty space for the meantime. But then somehow I am having second thoughts - perhaps I'll settle with them books rather than LPs. Since my plan was to use vinyl records to capture samples and adding it to my music tracks. Most of them books are Arts, Graphics, and Illustrations. There are few other books like Gourmet Books and some hardcore instructional books I rather not write about - actually maybe I will. If it's Novels, most likely it is Graphic Novels. Not just books and vinyl records but 3 sketchbooks as well. There is this one book I thought would be interesting for me to share with you and it's about Palm Reading. For now, the phalanges are what my topic is about.

Image Hosted by
The shadow behind my hand is a miniature elephant's butt. Not an alien's head just to correct that.


When the bottom phalange is large and fleshy: This suggest that you have good taste in food and luxury. You express in physical affections and enjoys the comforts with pets. You enjoy touching and being touched. You use your sensory awareness to expand your understanding of the world around and your place in it. You love life and beautiful things.

When the bottom phalange is waisted (not fleshy forming a waste): This suggest fast food and little physical activity. You seek simple pleasure and have humble needs.

When the middle phalange is long and, broad, or fleshy: You have an aptitude for crafts, practical improvements, or domestic work. Exactitude and playing by the rules are your loves.

When the top phalange is long, broad, or fleshy: You have high morals, dignity, and integrity. Traditional, this is the sign if a priest or a holy person. You think of others' welfare first.

When the top phalange is short, sunken, or waisted: You prefer learning by reading or cassette tapes - impersonal exchanges rather than one on one. Structured, unemotional environments suit you best.


When the bottom phalange is large and fleshy: You'd be happy as a gardener or a farmer. Cooking from scratch, home canning, and doing what comes naturally make you happiest. Family and home mean more to you than friends and social status. You're a staunch defender of domestic rights.

When the bottom phalange is waisted: You may have trouble seeing your family as individuals rather than as extensions of yourself. Security conscious, you often imagine threats that are not real. Inclined to let your heart rule your head, you have trouble making rational, detached decisions.

When the middle phalange is long and, broad, or fleshy: You are aware of society's rules and etiquette and play things by the book. You are never eccentric or rebellious, and traditional morals and values suit you best.

When the middle phalange is short, or waisted: You are easily intimidated and have trouble saying no. Prioritizing is problematic. You're happiest working with partners.

When the top phalange is long, broad, or fleshy: You have a good intellect and a need to look beneath the surface of matters. Self sufficient, you don't rely on others, Beware of pride or snobbishness.

When the top phalange is short, sunken, or waisted: You must guard against perfectionism. Rigid in your thinking, you know how you want things when you want them. Loosen up!


When the bottom phalange is large and fleshy: Feeling good and looking good are important to you. This is a sign of a decorator, cosmetologist, designer and artist. Comfort and class means a lot. You like being in the company or creative people and are restless, curious about how often others live.

When the bottom phalange is waisted: You may place more importance on other people than on yourself. You're good at comparison shopping, always on the lookout for bargains, and willing to make a sacrifice for what's fair and just. Learn to speak up for yourself. You probably know a little bit about many things and have a broad overview, but aren't proficient in any single area.

When the middle phalange is short, or waisted: You like leisurely recreation. Place on a TV at the foot at your door bed, or pipe in talk radio and dim the lights. You like being entertained by others, choosing to seat on the sidelines and watch.

When the middle phalange is short, or waisted: Hobbies and personal pursuits are plentiful. You know how to certain yourself and aren't concerned about next-door neighbors or worlds affairs.

When the top phalange is long, broad, or fleshy: You appreciate culture. You set high standards for yourself and expect others to do the same. You have a good eye for design, form, and color, and you appreciate all forms of beauty. Beware of prejudice and pettiness.

When the top phalange is short, sunken, or waisted: You may rely on the knowledge of others more than your own. Easily swayed by popular belief, it's important for you to develop your own set of standards.


When the bottom phalange is large and fleshy: Your mind works in a logical and orderly way in obtaining financial or material security. If you can't touch it, it's not real. Sensual and physical, you like what money provides. Relationships may suffer due to overspending.

When the bottom phalange is waisted: You dream while others produce. You often say "I could've of been a contender," and "If I would've..." Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do now.

When the middle phalange is long, broad, or fleshy: You work until you get the job done. Able to make good use of your time, you're efficient and like working within well-established routines.

When the middle section is short or waisted but others are long, cooperation is needed. Insecure about your ability to do things on your own, you seek the approval of others. You don't like rocking the boat.

When the top phalange is long, broad, or fleshy: You have a powerful personal expression and belief in original ideas. You're seen by others as different or unusual. If there's a better way to do something, you'll discover it. You're a lover of efficiency and research.

When the top phalange is short, sunken, or waisted: You prefer the sidelines, doing things that are tried and true. The middle-of-the-road path is safest. Learning new formats is difficult. You like doing things like Momma or Daddy said and did.


The thumb has only two phalange the top and the bottom. It's seems to me that I have three phalanges on my thumb or perhaps is just a line - I ain't sure what in the hell that means yet but I'll try to find out.

When the thumb's bottom phalange is high and firm: You don't like others to hold you back. You're attracted to strong-willed people, confident go-getters. You are persistent, active, energetic, highly sensual. You work best alone, or when in command. You respond quickly to competition. You don't do well under restrictions because you like to make your own rules. You do what is asked and would thrive where you can be a teacher or leader.

Your a generous, with a zest of life, and recover quickly and easily from illness, You're a rugged individual with an innate sense of drama. You enjoy personal attention, you're well informed, and people seek out your conversation. Because you like people and you have a talent for dealing with them, you might try a career in education, communications, or management.

When the bottom phalenge is weak or flabby: You like being pampered. If you had it your way you probably wouldn't work at all! You prefer the "good life" and withdraw when the going gets rough. You probably have the talent for many things, but you need to "toughen up" in the real, workaday world. Competition frightens or
depresses you.

Mental stimulation comes from within your emotional core. You are inclined to think a great deal about ways to make yourself secure. Your cautious and meticulous nature enables you to excel at tasks that require attention to precision and detail. You get your kicks from being able to help others. Be careful not to neglect your own needs when others come looking for handouts or sympathy.

When the thumb's top and bottom phalange are equal length: You make decisions patiently and carefully, moderate in everything you do. You don't jump to conclusions, and you enjoy talking with others to find out what's on their mind. A natural diplomat, you discuss matters openly with coworkers and friends. You're not a "controller" and are tolerant of others' shortcomings. Jobs that allow some degree of authority and mobility suit you. You are good at planning and organizing. When others would explode or lose their temper, you keep your feeling under wraps.

When the bottom phalange is longest: You don't mind working on your own provided it is on your terms. You're not comfortable dealing with unconventional or super-emotional people. You like having the final word but don't work well under pressure. You are well suited for jobs in which you use your mind and apply it directly to solve problems, such as technical occupations like science or mathematics.

When the top phalange is long and dominant: This suggest determination and a strong ego - your way! It's easy for you to break old habits and try new approaches. Routine bores you. It's not easy for you to follow someone else's orders unless it's someone you respect. Others may consider you obstinate because of your deep need to experience as much of life as possible. You enjoy being in the driver's seat - it's where you belong!

When the thumb has a noticeable waist: Tapering between the lower knuckle and the fleshy part of the palm reveals that you have boundless curiosity and a desire for self-improvement and to expand your horizons. You seek to rise above the monotony of daily life but are easily distracted, so you must discipline yourself to stay on course.

You have talent for dealing with small groups and inspiring them to achieve excellence.

As I copied these from the book, I notice them to be all the same - specially having all bottom phalange as fleshy. Some part may be accurate for some people - I just think this is pretty interesting to know about.

Acupressure - Anxiety

Lately, there's these panic sensations in my flesh. I was never like that before. Specially being around too many people. Most of the time I'm calm. Maybe just few workouts, eat more live things like fruits and salads. I tried this new technique I've seen in Youtube and it actually works. Like this Chinese Acupressure technique by pressing an area to the wrist. Some experts says that you make friends with your panic attacks rather than fighting it, and also never to let it take control over you. Panic Attacks are normal.

Natlee Holloway

Natalee Holloway: (born October 21, 1986). Disappeared on May 30, 2005 during a high school graduation trip to Aruba, a Caribbean country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. An American student from Mountain Brook, Alabama, Holloway graduated from Mountain Brook High School on May 24, 2005, shortly before the trip.

This news is old and I don't usually pay much attention on these kind of shit but it caught my attention today on TV. I thought Joran van der Sloot was a rich American Kid visiting Aruba to party there in the summers. Turned out he's dutch and lives with his family in Aruba and goes to school there. He's still a rich kid though, his dad is a lawyer and everything. He even had a myspace account at one time I think?

So an undercover reporter named Patrick van der Eem tricked Joran van der Sloot as a friend, making Joran confess about the missing lady named Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Patric van der Eem recorded their conversations on hidden cameras installed in the Range Rover he was driving, according to the Dutch TV report.

Basically the confession goes like this, they were at the beach after leaving some bar drunk and she seemed to had been using some cocaine with her friends. They were touching eachother, and all of a sudden Natalee started having some sort of a seizure, the dude panic and tried everything he could to help her but there was nothing - she seemed dead. So instead of calling the cops or the ambulance, Joran called a mystery friend from a pay phone. All that semen in her body probably made him not to call the cops or the ambulance (if they had intercourse). That mystery friend later took Natalee's body and dumped her at the sea. The question is, was she really dead - what if she was in a coma. After that, Joran simply goes home and went to sleep (according to Joran's confession from the hidden cameras).

When the news was out, Joran van der Sloot later says that the whole thing was a lie and that he was only trying to impress his new friend (Patrick van der Eem) so he can work with him to do some dirt in Thailand by pimping some Thai girls to the Netherlands.... Daaaaamn! From what I read, Joran goes to school in Thailand right now. Whaaat?!?!

About the victim: Although she was drunk, it was her decision. Her friends should of watched her but then they were probably even more drunk. I'm sure her folks warned her about talking to strangers - specially being with strangers.

This is Joran van der Sloot: Confesing about the missing lady in Aruba. And smoking weed provided by Patrick van der Eem.

This is Patrick van der Eem: The undercover reporter - also a previous criminal.

Tuesday February 5, 2008 (CNN) -- On video, Joran van der Sloot says he "didn't lose a minute of sleep" over knowing Natalee Holloway's motionless body had been taken out to sea and dumped.

Joran van der Sloot awaits transfer from the Netherlands to Aruba in November. He later was released.

In the video that aired Sunday on Dutch television, van der Sloot, a suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Holloway, told a man he was with the Alabama teen on an Aruban beach when she apparently died and that a friend of his with a boat disposed of Holloway's body.

"He went out to sea and then he threw her out, like an old rag," van der Sloot told Aruban businessman Patrick van der Eem January 16.

Van der Eem recorded their conversations on hidden cameras installed in the Range Rover he was driving, according to the Dutch TV report. FULL ARTICLE

Saturday, January 3, 2009


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So this is my FOB pic (Fresh Off the Boat). Actually this pic was taken in 1988 back in the 8th grade. 1986 was the year I was reborn. My family first lived at my aunt's house for about a year and a half - and it was a damn cool neighborhood too, descent middle school, meeting and getting to know different races in my ESL class, black kids beat-boxing in PE class, and white kids listening to Beastie Boys and RUN DMC from their mini-boombox around the campus. My little brother and I even made friends to a cool neighbor we constantly visit to play Atari and watch WWF all day in the weekends. Back then I thought all hoods was like that until we finally had our own home and moved to the eastside. LoL! daaamn man lots of things change after that. Yes I was kicked and pushed around by the mexicans and also been chased by the blacks around the school yards along with my fellow FOB friends back then. From Beastie Boys to Suicidal Tendencies just to give a taste of that transition. And I consider that change like a brutal taste of a Wasabi Sandwich. Thanks to some unusual miracles I never did affiliated to any gangs to gain some respect. Hard to get respect if your the type of dude growing up fearing the higher power first before anything. But that was the 80's, today almost everybody is now a FOB. Some FOBs are even cooler than most locals these days. I don't know much about the Midwest or the Southern Area of the US but if it's around the Bay Area of California that is, then most FOBs are the majority. Even our Governor is the Terminator straight out fresh from Austria after pumping few irons to show America the wonders of performance-enhancing anabolic steroids, and being himself to act and speak like a robot in major films.

About being in the eastside, one time I was driving around the hood and I thought I recognized this one dude that I remember kicking me off my chair during English class just because I refused to switch chair with him. All them memories came rushing in to me like an 8th grade again so I drove back just to look again - I know it was stupid but I had all these funny ideas in my head - the dude probably won't even recognized me. He had the same face, the only difference was that he looked obesely overweight and handicapped (limping in one leg), he was pushing an empty grocery cart on a suburban sidewalk arguing to a lady, probably his wife or a girlfriend. It sucks when you finally want to go toe to toe to a previous bully but then the realizations of that moment took me back to the real time of that day - a mixed feelings of anger and sympathy carried me back on to my business.