Friday, December 24, 2010

Watch Out!!!


You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
He's making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town
He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!
O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wasabi Dime - Jessica Gomes

Jesus Lord Mercy... I don't care if she likes LiL Wayne, she is gorgeous.

Jessica Gomes

Monday, December 13, 2010

LSDJ - Unboxing

Finally got the time to get one of my own. Some emo kids plays this instrument like playing Tetris. The Nintendo Gameboy Console is around 58 bucks, I could of gotten one around 20 bucks but some has missing parts like the battery cover and has scratched up screens. Mind as well go a little higher and get something a little more descent. All listed from, my trusted online shopping for me than eBay so far. Maybe I just don't trust bidding much in eBay, I have a feeling I am trying to bid out the sellers themselves using different accounts. Although I would use eBay or Craigslist for selling products.

LSDJ Cartridge is around 100 bucks. Didn't came with a manual so I'm gonna search that out, and save the hustle of potentially breaking it before ending up buying another console. I'll try to post what I can make out of it later. I'm gonna mix it up a bit with other sound gears, so it's not completely all 8 bit to 16 bit sounds, sometimes it has that broken bells or broken glass sounds, which I don't like much. Depends on the track your working on I guess.

The Cart. Got this few days ago. Cost around 100 bucks.

Today, I got me these... other box is for my old school Playstation. It's a power cord. I like Street Fighter 2 series. I was suck at it back in community college days at Evergreen Valley College cafeteria. So just in case I come across with some old rivals, like the Quangs and the Nguyens, I've been practicing.

So far so good.

And there it is. Screen doesn't have scratches, the buttons looks good, and I like the color.

Battery Cover is attached. And I am 100% satisfied. I hope it works though.

Little Sound Dj Wiki

Here are some videos of what it can do:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

STATIX Best 20 Fight Scenes

Wow I haven't post in a while. I just realized I missed September and November. There's so much to write, I even forgot how to write properly... damn. Here is something I posted from Faceboook. My 20 best Movie Fight Scenes. I'll gather up my thoughts for later, and write.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Blog Month - Audrey

but we have a new family member from 10/01/10...

her name is Audrey Nicole Viloria Casil.


this is actually posted on 12-09-10

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

STATIX - mixpod

I was searching for some songs at Project Playlists but coudn't find it. I heard of mixpod before, I found it googling for free playlists. It's cool how they uses youtube videos. In the meantime, here are some music that I like. I still got few more to blog about later just to get it out of my head. Like my new diet. I've been eating lots of veggies lately. It's my diabetes that I really have to pay attention too. While doing so, I've also been preserving some old VHS tapes, Hi8mm tapes, and miniDV tapes unto the digital age. I've been using Elgato Video Capture and I am happy with it's capabilities. It sounds good and video quality also good. It's interesting to watch all them old home videos again, and have a different out look and much deeper understanding where my roots are from.

STATIX - mixpod 03

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STATIX - mixpod 02

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STATIX - mixpod 01

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Blog Month - ASTEROIDS

this is actually posted on 12-09-10

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tire Stack Dummy

I've always wanted to build a Kali/Escrima/Arnis "Tire Stacks Dummy" a year after I posted a research page about Arnis De Mano in Myspace. I still need to learn a lot about the art. It's considered to be the number two in the martial art tactical fighting method of the world few years back. I don't know about today. Whatever it is, this tire stack dummy works pretty well for any melee conditioning. Also works for baton training for cops, or security officers. Just like any punching bags, this is for using stick weapons from baton to rattan, wooden sword, wooden knife, as well as baseball bats. My total budget building this project is around fifty bucks. I got the tires for free.

I started out with these four tires, but anded up using six tires instead.

Eight brackets and two different kinds of screws from OSH. I also used other types of screws and brackets other than ones from the image.

Seven of two by four's wood (six was used). Under three bucks each. Not really tough woods but durable enough to hold some tires, and for some heavy stick pounding. Better to make few mistakes the first time on cheaper woods than some expensive harder and heavier woods. I'll even use logs like the ones for wing-chun dummy.

Made some measurements, and about to cut some woods with an old school saw.

These two pares are done.

It was taking me a bit longer to piece the pares together because the old man started singing karaoke songs that got me a little discourage. It was lame trying to stand the pares of woods together to piece. It was also Friday the 13'th of August, and I am not even superstitious.

Then mother also grabbed the microphone.

Got the stand done. And it's standing. Only six of the seven two by four's woods was used.

Went back to OSH and bought some brace.

Added few at the bottom also. These should make it a bit more sturdier.

The tires are all in place.

Added two straps for these tires as legs. One strap on top and one at the bottom.

They hooked up like this.

I also found this type of brackets from the house, and used it to brace areas like this here.

How it looks with a rattan stick and a regular long stick.

Now I gotta strap this rattan up. This rattan here is pretty light but really strong piece of stick. Which make it faster to use when it comes to swinging, and strong enough to break bones from one to multiple opponents. Just depends how you control the stick in your hands accurately. How fast and how strong without even thinking about it.

I bought me a baseball padded hand grip, and few baseball tapes from Big 5. I thought it was also gonna decrease the noise when pounding the tires, but nope. Only good for getting a better hand grip of the rattan and to keep it from breaking. It all depends what type of stick you got, maybe you might not even need to tape them up. The rattan I have is strong as it is. There are stronger ones like Kamagong Stick, Bahi Stick, and Hickory Stick, and then the typical Rattan Stick (fire harden or not), even Polypropylene Stick all mainly used for Kali, Escrima, and Arnis practitioners. Metal pipes and baseball bats are also swinging weapons with lethal blows, but you don't save the same energy when it comes to rapid movements from different angles, as the other ones I listed.

All strapped up, and all ready for pounding them tires.

I still have to scrub the tires clean, and paint the woods with some enti-rain seal to it. Other than that, it's pretty much done. My first Tire Stack Dummy.

Friday the 13th man, I tried to deny it. In the next day, after building this project, my legs started to cramp. So never again to built one like it by sitting down on the lawn for hours. I took few pain relief medicines but that didn't work much. Several days after, the pain was still there, and then I used this chinese medicine that old people usually uses from the Philippines. And it's called Eagle Brand - Green Medicated Oil, it's green, and the pain just went away in minutes. I've had it mostly for stomach pain. This green with heavy medicated smell medicine brings back memory of an old neighbor back in PI, an elderly man used to robbed them around his knees in the late evening, while few kids gathered around his house watching kung-fu flicks.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TENORI-ON - Video Session 080610

Here is the session video I did yesterday of the Tenori-On. Pretty awesome instrument as I am getting to know the gear little by little. I didn't change much of any of the sound samples here, most of it are bells and whistle sounds. So I went ahead and used what I knew from seeing other Tenori-On videos from YouTube and from the main Tenori-On website, where they show few demos on how to use it. I really like the different selections of operating the buttons when creating your tracks. It has Score Mode, Random Mode, Draw Mode, Bounce Mode, Push Mode, and Solo Mode. And I like them all. Much more to learn about this gear like layering and saving and what not. I am not really worried about sampling at the moment. Most of its built in samples are cool as it is for now. The only thing that sucks, is the recording part. When I try to record the tracks in real time through Logic Pro. That's when you know right away that sampling is one of the important key here. Everything else is cool. But as far as recording goes, either record them by a good quality microphone, or start with them cheaper or used but good condition compressors, limiters, and EQ racks, to maximized your recorded tracks. That's later project man. So far I am okay with the gear itself.

TENORI-ON - Unboxing

Well I finally have one. The Tenori-On. I heard is not as popular in sales from any music shop. But I still think it's worth having...

The box.

So far so good.

Everything are here. Including few additional accessories like the cable and the case. The Manual is also here.

Here it is. Kinda light. The buttons looks like a bunch of corn. It feels like part metal part plastic.

I just made a video earlier. My first session video. Just getting to know the instrument without any manual read. I'll post the video session on my next blog. And hopefully another one after that when I am more familiar to it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

RIP - Redford White


Filipino Comedian Redford White, I didn't even know he was half white until later. I used to see the guy in a black and white television, so I thought the dude just had light hair. Funny guy he was even a part of a show called Iskul Bukol, I remember Red but can't really remember the name of the show. Maybe It was Iskul Bukol that I remember him from most. There's another funny dude that are gone, not dead but out of a show called Wowowee and his name is Willie Revillame. My folks is a hardcore fan of the show, and says Willie can sometimes a bit too aggressive towards the contestants or maybe even to his own set. Whatever it is, I will bump unto some real answers later. At least Philippines has Pacman, and I don't really care about the rumors of him going out with any fine filipina celebs on the side. True or not, the dude still an awesome boxer. Anyways, farewell to Redford White. He died last week from cancer of the brain and lungs.


I can't wait for the Tenori-On this early coming month, I was supposed to get it by the end of this month, but instead i'll be getting it somewhere next week. I will try to blog what I think of it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mayweather vs Pacquiao - Updates

Well I've been wondering about this fight. Some people says Mayweather really chickened out and Pacman is retiring to focus on becoming the next Filipino President, or on his his way of conquering Hollywood to be the Filipino version of Brad Pitt or Chuck Norris. I mean, if Mayweather looses, at least he fought the best pound for pound fighter ever in history rather than a lucky punch from an underdog. Calling your self the best and then turning away from the fight doesn't seem like a good idea either.

I don't even know now if he should fight either way. This is confusing...

Promoter: Pacquiao is “all in,” waiting to hear from Mayweather
Published on: 7th July, 2010


Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, said Tuesday that the Filipino fighter has made a significant concession on a pre-fight drug screening plan with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp, adding Pacquiao is “all in. He’s agreed to what they’re demanding.”

Arum declined to discuss purse-split negotiations but he said Pacquiao has agreed to submit to random pre-fight blood tests up to 14 days before a fight with Mayweather. The bout is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 13, most likely in Las Vegas.

In negotiations that extended into early this year and ultimately crumbled over the drug-testing dispute, Pacquiao declined to give a blood sample closer than 24 days before the fight, a stance affirmed by an independent mediator but rejected by Mayweather.

Pacquiao went on to defeat Joshua Clottey by a lopsided decision in March, and Mayweather easily defeated Shane Mosley in May. A fight between the 2008-09 fighter of the year Pacquiao and unbeaten Mayweather could emerge as the most lucrative in the sport’s history.

“We don’t care who’s doing the test,” Arum said. “They stopped taking blood 18 days before [Mayweather-Mosley], so that shows they can do it and be fine.”

However, Mayweather’s camp has not signed off on Pacquiao’s concession.

Arum says Mayweather is still deciding whether or not he wants to fight this year. The sticking point could be the legal situation of Floyd Jr.’s uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, who faces a coming trial date for allegedly attacking a female boxer last year. Arum said he believes “we’ll have to fish or cut bait by the end of next week.”
“It’s imminent,” Arum said. “I don’t think Manny would fight without [his trainer] Freddie [Roach].”

One alternative could be Mayweather employing the training services of his father, Floyd Sr., who has trained Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, among others.

Regarding the drug testing, Travis Tygart, the head of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency whose organization oversaw independent drug testing of Mayweather and Mosley’s blood and urine samples, said an important distinction in the Mayweather-Mosley testing is that both fighters had agreed to be subjected to blood draws up until fight night.

“There was no restriction on when or how we could test,” Tygart told The Times on Tuesday. “We did not need to draw blood two weeks before the fight for several reasons, including the number of blood samples we’d already taken, the samples we were able to save, and the fact that no other information had been given to us that would lead us to test again.

“We always consider an athlete’s training when we test.”

That last point is an important consideration for the Pacquiao camp, who have said the fighter feels weakened after giving blood.

Tygart declined to discuss his involvement in the Mayweather-Pacquiao talks, but he highlighted why he believes it’s important for fighters to let the testers set the ground rules of who gets tested when.

“We didn’t need to test [Mayweather or Mosley for blood in the two weeks before their fight], but we could have, and that’s an important deterrent,” Tygart said.

Arum said, “We’re saying the same thing, that if there’s information that emerges in the final 14 days, we can go to the [state boxing] commission and ask for more tests. We can work it out. No one’s looking to pull any fast ones.”

By: Lance Pugmire


Seacliff - 4th of July

Few shots I took from Seacliff. My lenses first time at the beach. Totally unprepared and unrehearsed since I found out about going in a short time notice. Most of the images came out better than expected which I will be posting later in flickr. And they don't have that 90's type image quality that reminds me so much of the first Bad Boys movie film quality. I don't usually take photos in a stalking matter like some pros do. But doing so, you'll know you're limits and how far you want to go.

Seacliff is a beautiful family friendly environment.

People boogie boards either way even when the beach was cold.

The place is also heavily guarded with security officers of all levels.