Friday, July 31, 2009

Butchery - Goat Meat

I bet you wanted to say shut the hell up! geeeeez... But I just wanna document how I'm gonna process the meat. Plus this is how food are processed behind the tasty stuff. Recently, I was also had been writing notes on how to butcher your own meat, as well as hunting wild game goes. I have this idea what if I be stranded in the wilderness, maan at-least I know some basic hunting strategies, not only that but how to cut them up. So I put my self on a little test, and it was perfect timing that my little bro's coworker happened to have relatives or owned a ranch back at Stockton. Not bad for a medium size goat for 150 bucks. The goat meat were dropped off from the ranch to his coworker's mother's house, and we just picked it up from there. Always a good bargain at the ranch, specially if you cut your own meat. This one in particular were already had been cut unto 5 pieces. I ain't tryin' to dis any butchering companies, in fact I would probably even wanna work to a supermarket as a butcher (I heard they get payed pretty good) but since I do music, and other crafty stuff, I'm a little too cautious with my hands.

Here is what my bro and I picked up at the house.

So far it looks like a crime scene. Gross right?

Now I gotta re-cut them up for storing and for cooking. Here are my cutting tools. A meat saw is also important. Make sure they are sanitized before using. As well as the sink. The backyard sink is pretty handy when it comes of doing something like this instead of the garage or in the indoor kitchen. Since it's in the backyard, you gotta use a cooler with some ice to keep it fresh and to keep them flies away.

The chopping board, also had been sanitized.

A chain mail glove for my left hand. I cut with my right hand.

There are two of this. The upper area: arms and rib cages.

There are two of this also. The hind area: legs and stomach area.

And then only one of this. The head. Which makes it the total of 5 parts.

The washing and cutting is done, and they all fit in the cooler with ice.

Now the cooler is in the kitchen. Waiting for the old man and my bro for what they want to do next.

Here is my Bro and Elsie cutting them up unto pieces. They were preparing it for Papaetan (bile stew).

And me cutting the roasted goat meat called Kilawen. It's meat, skin, and liver. You can even add in the tongue. First it was marinaded with ground pepper and soy sauce. Roast it in the oven. When it's cooked, chop it up into small pieces like Carne Asada. Mixed in some minced ginger, onions, garlic, and chili peppers or jalepenos. The last thing to mixed in are vinegar. The real Kilawen is raw, pickled with vinegar. But I prefer the texture more like Carne Asada.

After all this, working from a food plant you learn that it's important to sanitized the tools and sink before and after - even after using some soap. I don't know if this is strong enough, but I use lysol disinfectant spray.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrested

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation's most prominent African American scholars, was arrested last week at his home near Harvard University after trying to force open the locked front door of his own home. He later argued that the two cops arrested him who happened to be white were racist. It really became controversial.

I thought it was funny at first. But then I realized how wrong it was. A neighbor were the once who called the cops. Maan don't they know who he was? He even showed some ID to the cops. Other than that, I would be glad if someone calls the cops if someone is breaking into my own home. But if it was me, I would be really disappointed if my own neighboor calls the cops.


Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., hosted a show on PBS titled African American Lives. It's about African Americans like Quincy Jones, Chris Tucker, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Mae C. Jemison (female astronaut), and etc., retracing their Genealogy and African Roots through DNA testing. Most African Americans believed to be from Ghana. But actually Cape Coast Castle of Ghana is the place where different tribes of Africa were set sailed from by Portuguese Sailors.

In the show, Dr. Mae C. Jemison has higher DNA percentage of East Asian. She either got her DNA from the Chinese Railroad Men or from the Filipinos that lives in Manila Village of Louisiana. In a way she does looks Filipina. She even mentioned in the show that while her visit in Cambodia, she was thought to be Cambodian. That was pretty interesting.

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., has higher DNA percentage of Northern European Ancestry. I couldn't believe it. But that was the DNA test calculated.

I heard Michelle Obama were searching for her African Roots. Maybe they should contact Professor Herny Louis Gates Jr.

At the end of a primetime news conference, mostly revolving around President Obama's health care reform bill, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet asks him about race relations in America...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Apollo 11 - 1969

In Philippines time, that would be the 21st of July...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

STATIX Portrait 071609

Recent photo of me along with my portable electro gears. I was thinking of adding a portrait of me to my personal profile in Myspace so I took this today. Maybe I'll use it for Facebook too, although I ain't gonna be on Facebook until later. I have an account there but never really gone to it. They do have some interesting networks like PBS and other things. Easy to invite new friends too from different countries. Besides, most of the people I know there are pretty much the same people from Myspace. Having an account here is cool for now, and just blog about whatever I can blog about. It's the way of the future man, sharing and exchanging ideas and intelligence. One of the downside of having a blog are people that might know you from the outside and harasses you in someways. Hey man, I have the right to express myself which ever way I want. At least I know there are readers, which is cool. The upside is that I've seen ads and news about bloggers cashing in and I still gotta figure out how they do that. If I do figure it out, I might end up creating a completely different blog page. Other than that, I hope this new photo doesn't look too conceited man. The dandruff problems is also gone and I am growing my hair back. After shower I just use Maximum Strength Scalp Relief. Cost around 7 bucks from Walgreens.

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I had this photo from winter time for my personal profile, but an aunt thinks I look like I am begging for some nickels and dimes. Maybe that was my expression... you can't really go too far with an empty pockets.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Job Hunting

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At the moment, I am in a hunt for a security guard job. I gotta detect, deter, observe and report. If I do get this, I will eventually keep on updating my security registration until I am fully armed. I lagged a bit since I got my security registration card due to safety reasons. Now I am fully determined.

It's a dangerous duty but I try to motivate myself by getting me a TR-808. And among other things that keeps the world go round. I may not even end up getting the TR-808, since you can pretty much sample the beats into the MPC 1000. Authenticity is always better though...

Mutant Tomato

Attaaaaaaack… of the Mutant Tomatoes!

I was searching the net about different kinds of tomatoes. And then I saw this.

It has eyeballs and everything...

A Japanese farmer in Kyoto recently harvested a tomato threee times the normal size and with the face of a chinese dragon!

Says the farmer, who’s been growing tomatoes for 30 years:

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a tomato with a fully formed face."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Front Yard Fireworks - 4th of July

It ain't the real deal but this was takin' from my front yard. You can actually hear them AK 47 and Mac 10 somewhere too. I'll try to get closer next time for better footage...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earthships - Biotecture

Michael Reynolds is an Architect from the 70's who evolved building from recyclable items unto a self sustainable home called Earthships. He created the alternative word Biotecture to describe: "The profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. A combination of biology and architecture." The houses he built are out of a Star Wars movie, except it's an actual breathing organic home as well as technological. It is a building that will take care of you in every way: food (year round green house), electricity, heating, water, air and sewage disposal.

It was shown earlier on the Travel Channel today. Utility bills cost only $200 a year or to none. Buying an earthship cost a lot though man, around half a million. They do have an alternative deal for $10,000 down payment. Other than the cost, there is a progress here, as far of saving the planet from global warming. Michael Reynolds has a movie out titled Garbage Warrior, he also has some books out, and has a community in New Mexico where he makes earthships and sells it. There are houses like these in Mexico too and Philippines (mud houses). Except they have no solar systems and clean recycable water system.

Tin cans, bottles, and tires were used as bricks for the earthship's foundations. If I have one, I'll probably add an animal farm too, like: goats, pigs, chickens, cows, and even lamas. The only downside of having animal farm is the bad smell. Like cow farts. And of course the medicines and food supplies for them farm animals.

Here is their website: