Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dog Biscuits and a Pomeranian

It's pretty windy right now in San Jose. And what is up with them storms or even typhoons with funny names that keeps on forming around the Philippines man. Gotta be the climate change. They showed a footage of my hometown last past week, which was Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Paoay Lake was overflowed but other areas seems to look alright, except for some old trees. Thanks for the cute lady with the Lacoste shirt for telling the news.

As I am doing some internet searching and surfing. I uploaded this video, of Sake trying to figure out a way to reach for the Dog Biscuits. I'll blog about what I have been searching and surfing in the internet later...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Philippines Disaster Mapping - Pepeng

Cool Interactive Mapping of the Philippines current typhoon called Pepeng. It's powered by Google, modified by the GMA Philippines News Network with the help of volunteers from the UK. This is cool. Not too long ago, before the Typhoon Ketsana hits Philippines, I was just checking out the Philippines Google Map specially the region where I was born and grew up till the age of 12. I wish they had navigators that mapped out the roads on the ground, like the ones they have for US regions, except for Hawaii. The US Google Map navigator has a little man icon where you place him on the road, and it will show 360 degree angle of the road's surroundings, showing actual photo images. I was trippen the first time I checked it, because it can actually show my front house. Philippines doesn't have that yet, but it was cool enough to see the roof top of my house from there. I was so fucking stoked man, I can actually see the elementary schools I went too, the trees where I used to take fruits from, my childhood friend's houses, the paoay church where my ancestors built, bakeries, the creek I never knew that trails all the way to the ocean, the place where I flight kites at, and so on.

I'm sure there are lots of stabbings going on too. In the other hand, I really admire their spirits man...

Anyway, check out this map or click on it for some interactive updates:


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ketsana, Tsunami, and Earthquakes

The last 5 days of September, these disasters happened, from the Philippines, Vietnam, Samoa, and then back to Indonesia. More like a boomerang thrown by mother nature. I just hope there's no ripple effect that would reach San Francisco and then towards the rest of the Bay Area. Not just Tsunamis but maybe like a typhoon. Otherwise I would probably start packing my stuff and runs to the hills. So instead of doing that, I made a list what you'll need for evacuation till you reach the safety zones or evacuation centers. It's just a list man, not a paranoia effect, but you just never know when natural disasters strikes out of no where.

I was just watching the GMA Filipino Channel yesterday, and they were lecturing few items that are necessary to bring with you as an emergency kit, as far of typhoon goes. And there were two things I never thought of as an important items to take with you, which was candies and a whistle blower. Candies gives you that boost when you're low in sugars, so chocolate bars are also a must in emergency evacuations. And a whistle blower, just incase you get yourself trapped somewhere. Sometimes people loses their voice for screaming or yelling too much, and a whistle blower can be a life saver.

09/23-28/09: Metro Manila, Philippines - Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy)

09/29/09: Pago Pago, American Samoa - Earthquake and Tsunami 8.0 magnitude

09/30/09: Sumutra, Indonesia - Earthquake 7.6 magnitude

For me, I think this would be important to do first, before listing the kits for evacuation.

It's always good to have a family Fireproof Safe or a Gun Safe. The once with combination locks. I say, it's a good idea to throw in your family values in there like old family albums, and other valuables like maybe jewelries. Also your computer External Hard Drives. You might have some business plans and important documents saved up in your External Hard Drives, so throw that in there too.

Anyway, here is my list of the things I would need:

1. Backpack: Just my regular Jansport brand backpack.
2. First Aid Kit: Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Bandages, Imodium A-D, and Tylenol should be enough.
3. Flashlight: I heard separating the batteries until you use it will prevent flashlight from breaking.
4. Lighters: Grab all the lighters I can find in my drawers.

5. Hiking Boots: Sneakers works too, don't use cowboy boots or some dress shoes.
6. Khaki Cap: Sometimes I feel naked without my hat.
7. Windbreaker Jacket: With a hoody and warm enough to sleep out in the cold.
8. Shirt: Throw in an extra t-shirt.

9. Camo Short: Throw in an extra short, I move better with this kind of shorts.
10. Underwears: Throw in two extra boxers and one pair of socks.
11. Towel: Avoid other things for wiping, bring your owl towel.
12. Wallet: Your ID, use cash, cards are no use when there are no electricity.

13. Toilet Papers: At least one should be enough.
14. Cell Phone: Good only if you can get a signal.
15. Dog Repellants: Defense against mad dogs and crazy people that haven't been sleeping for a year.
16. Whistle Blower: Just incase you got into a ditch and got trapped.
17. Compass: Sun rises from the east and sundown to the west.

18. Food: I prefer Nature Valley Bars.
19. Water Bottle: The one with a belt clip. And two extra bottled water.
20. Point & Shoot Camera: With a 2GB or 4GB memory card, and a car battery charger adapter.
21. Notebook and Pens: Whatever that needs to be written down, you can even doodle some images.

22. Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Place in a resealable plastic bag.
23. Burt's Bees Soap: Don't use other people's soaps. Any bars of soap will do.
24. Lock Lid Plastic Container: To store in all electronic gadgets, and cash or wallet, when it gets wet.
25. 35GB USB Key: Store in all personal documents, photos, and scanned old 35mm family photos.
26. Pocket Knife: For cutting ropes, boxes, opening things, and for a defense.

27. Playing Cards: Something to kill boredom, so play poker or 21.
28. Garbage Bags : For dirty clothes, wet cloths, wet towel, and to protect bag stuff from rain.
29. Keys: Your home keys and automobile keys.
30. Waterproof Watch: Nothing fancy. Something tough and waterproof.

Whoever reads this, I best recommend to also make your own list.