Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Art of Prepping - My Bug-Out Gears


Way before that show Doomsday Preppers in National Geographic, I already had a list planned for pandemic events. I was watching this television show from the Philippines one time, during the event, and during the aftermath caused from a typhoon pandemic. They showed what to have or what they already have in a Go-Bag kit or Survival Backpack. 

So I thought, That could happen here too. Maybe I should have my own Go-Bag. I blogged about it around two years ago, to remind my self later. And so far I got them to completion. It started out for nature pandemic like earthquakes, or even flood since we are located in the bay area (from San Jose, Ca). But I went beyond than just for natural pandemic.. I also included additional gears that works for all pandemics. Except, I still don't have a two way CB Radio, for me and my brother. I do owned few Fire Arms, including an AK 47. But carrying a Hunting Rifle around California suburbs would be illegal. As far of Guns, I'll leave that at home. More for like defending your own fortress. In times for a Bug-Out, and hoping there would still be Law and Orders, I would try to get me and my family take advantage of being in locations where Law Enforcements are presents. Good armed security all around. Hey man, I ain't got nothing to hide. My background is clean, there's no reason not to be around them. Plus San Jose PD is considered to be one the best in the world. In the other hand, I have other options.. Always.

I thought it might make me look crazy in all by having these Go-Bags prepared in my closet. And then after seeing that show Doomsday Preppers in National Geographic.. Man oh man, I have a lot to catch up with. Speaking of crazy, I'm just a kindergarten compared to what these people have.. plus experts rates them afterwards. And still, experts thinks they are not crazy enough lol! ..... I love it. And then the preppers go on saying, "Well, few months after National Geographic says our three AR 15 assault rifles, four AK 47, few Hand Grenades, and several Tactical Surveillance Cameras around our home, wasn't enough for our defense and offense, me and my wife purchased a Norwegian Tank online with 50mm cal machine-gun... and had it installed on top of our two stories house.. works well as a bunker too.. buried 6 feet underground.. with it's canon peaking out." 

Well I don't know about owning a Military Tank. As a security guard, this is how far I can afford on investing for Prepping. The rest of what I make as of now, is for other things more important in life. I consider myself a prepper but it isn't a life style for me. Your life are not supposed to be bounded with fear against nature and it's own politics 24-7 man. This is your planet. This planet belongs to you… there just too many other people.. lol.

Go-Bag: is something you need to take with you on the road, specially on foot, when in times for a Bug-Out. Whats inside them are kits and gears that will sustain you for 3 days or more. My purpose of my Go-Bags is hoping to also survive you in the woods.. It all depends on your willingness too. And health issues. As for me, my asthma and diabetes may prevent me from certain tasks. Yet again, all depends on your will power to survive.

Incase you're wondering how I would be carrying these, the left backpack goes on my back, the duffle bag goes on my side, and the black backpack goes to my front. It may seem real heavy but having another backpack from the front keeps the weight balanced a lot lighter.


Right now there are 3 Go-Bags here for my Bug-Out Kit. Another person can also carry one of the Go-Bags. Eventually, only one bag will remain to keep. The duffle bag for instance are something I can change clothes with. The black backpack has stuff for limited use only. Therefore, a long the way, your gears will get lighter and lighter as you go on with the terrains and get used to it.

To me, the most valuable "gears" of keeping in the end, are my Ka-Bar Knife and the Aluminum Water Bottle.

Alright… let's open them up and lets see what's inside them.

800_IMG_1759.JPG.PHO copy_02

1. Israeli Gas Mask with NATO Filter and Drinking Tube.
 -Got this off from under 20 bucks.  

2. Ka-Bar Knife with Holster.
 -Good for battening woods, hunting, filleting, cutting down brushes… etc. 

3. Portable Shovel.
 -Other than saving your Ka-Bar Knife from getting chipped from stones. Works as a weapon too.

4. Bear Pepper Spray:
 -Works well with all types of animals.

5. Master Lock with Two Keys and Lock Cable.
 -Incase you need to lock things up. Specially for locker rooms.

6. Tealight Candles.
 -No need for a lamp for this. Good for saving flashlight batteries in a dark room overnight. 

7. Grey Beanie.
 -Incase your ears gets cold. 

8. IPhone Gloves:
 -I use this as a security guard in winters.

9. Worker's Gloves.
 -To protect your hands when cutting woods or any other heavy works.

10. Safety Goggles:
 -Make sure they are Enti-Fog.

11. Notebook:
 -You can sketch with it, you can do journals, plans.. etc.

12. Steel Water Bottle:
 -My main water bottle.

13. Filtered Water Bottle:
 -If not sure how sanitary the tap water is, this will come in handy.

14. Lacie 500 GB External Hard Drives:
 -Family Photos, Family Videos, Copy of your SS#, License or ID, and other Important Documents.

15. Emergency Rope.
 -These are pretty light and strong enough to tie up a survival shelter. 

16. Pouch:
 -AA Batteries
 -Small Flashlights (light and bright enough)
 -Clipper (laundry)
 -Nail Cutter
 -Electrical Tape
 -Small Scissor

17. Food & Water:
 -2 Ligo Brand Sardines (made in the Philippines)
 -MRE Datrex Brand
 -2 Arrowhead Bottled Water

18. Medical Kit:
 -200 Piece Kit by Coleman (damn cheap too)

19. Plastic Container:
 1. Alkaline PH Meter (making sure i'm drinking water and not battery acid)
 2. Digital Camera's Screw Driver
 3. Water Tablets (kills bacterias and preserves water unto alkaline level)
 4. Survival Whistle (has compass in it. used for calling for help incase you're trapped in a ditch)
 5. 2 Extra Whistles (for special people around you, just incase they get trapped in a ditch)
 6. Calculator
 7. Compass (sun-up from the east, and sun-down from the west)
 8. Cottons for Tinders and Few Flint Rods (make fire)
 9. Survival Fishing Kit
 10. Large Hefty Bag. (if raining, place gears inside this bag, then back in your bag)

20. Water Proof Plastic Container:
 1. AM-FM Radio by Sony (like 11 bucks from reliable for getting intels)
 2. Medical Gloves (5 pairs)
 3. Electronic Outlet & Car Battery Chargers (for my point & shoot cameras, and portable camcorder)
 4. Extra Light Rope (stuffer. keeps noise down when walking with the container) 
 5. USB (for my Lacie 500 GB External Hard Drive)
 6. Universal Plug (you may end up in Ozark somewhere and might need to charge a camera) 

21. Medical Masks:
 -This will also be enough for the people close to you too.

22. What it is:
 -One Roll Toilet Paper (they may ran out in the Facility Centers. and useful for being around mother nature too)
 -Latex Gloves (incase for pushing out, or carrying nasty situations) 

23. What it is:
 -Mouth Wash
 -Dental Floss
 -Bar of Soap
 -Small Mirror
24. What it is:
 -Earphones (specially when fuckers are sucker punching you with sounds like a schizophreniac)
 -Earplugs (same reasons… just enough to hear a siren)
 -Lip Gloss (this just happened to be in the same go-bag pocket)

25. What it is:
 -Emergency Blanket
 -Emergency Poncho

26. What it is:
 -Slingshot (good for shooting down fruits from high trees)
 -BBs (this can get you small games. stronger slingshots can also shoot arrows for bigger games)

         Here is a clip of hunting boars using slingshot with arrows...

27. My Point & Shoot Camera with Case:
 -I would want to take my DSLR with me, but that would just add more weights to my bags. 
 -My Casio EX-Z55 Point & Shoot Camera with 2 Extra Batteries, 2GB SD Card, and 1 extra 1GB SD Card.  

28. Waterproof Sport Wrist Watch:
 -You don't always have your wrist watch on.. for me for that matter. So, have one in your Go-Bag.

29. Hefty Bag 01:
 -From the Duffle Bag. Clothes I can change my current clothes into.
  1. Black Fleece Hoody
  2. Olive Cargo Pants with Belt
  3. Camo T-Shirt
  4. Pair of Socks
  5. Khaki Baseball Cap

30. Hefty Bag 02:
 -From the Duffle Bag. Hiking Shoes.

31. Hefty Bag 03:
 -From my Black Go-Bag.
  1. One Extra Black T-Shirt
  2. Towel (better to have your own towel than others)
  3. Two Extra Boxers 
  4. One Pair Extra Long Socks
  5. Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt

Other things I would grab with me and into my Duffle Bag when it's time for a Bug-Out, are these..

Extra Point & Shoot Camera and Portable Camcorder:
 1. Samsung TL220 with 8GB Micro SD Card
 2. Kodak Playsport ZX3 with 32GB SD Card 

What it is:
 1. MacBookPro Laptop (ill just take the power adapter with USB cable along)
 2. MacbookPro Case
 3. iPhone with Tough Case (i can get real clumsy) 
 4. iPhone's Power Adapter with USB Cable
 5. My Wallet
 6. Pocket Knife
 7. Home and Car Keys

So that should be it for now for my Go-Bag gears. Again, I also need to add a two way CB Radio for my brother and I. They also works well for camping out.. due to bad receptions by the beach or in the woods, a two way CB Radio would be more reliable than Mobile Phones. Maybe next time, about "The Art of Prepping" I will blog about my "Basic Home Survival Kits and Gears…" In the meantime, I can also borrow these for camping.. and then return them back to my Go-Bags as my Bug-Out Kit.