Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sesame Street Puppet Guy - Jim Henson

I was about to Google of a market place back at my home town in the Philippines. The market is called SM. It's a mall that seemed to be popular back in The Philippines. I was just checking if they have one in my home town. And do have it.. in Laoag City around eleven miles away.

Google showed this… pretty nice.

It's the creator's Birthday Today.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tha Block Is Hot

I'm probably stressing more than this dude right now as he tries to get away from the sunny hot blocked fence. All these economic down-terms, foreclosures, terrorists threats from the medias, and from around the hood.. Not knowing whose who. I guess more and more are desperate for some bread and willing to get payed to screw anyone they want to. man o man... The blocks are getting hotter and hotter. And weirder... in a lame way. I feel like moving to Canada. Fly away and into the trees like this praying mantis... (sarcasm partly true).

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cruisin' 1974


Listening to an LP record I recently purchased from the record store. This is good bargain for only a buck. Like opening an old treasure chest. Im going to need two extra file crates for these vinyl records. Damn… my sound system are getting distorted here as I get my iPhone close to my monitor cabinet. It needs a compressor rack. Soon man, I'll have me a complete sound processor racks for my sound system.

Sick Pigeon

I had this up in my Facebook account but it was kicked out. I had the Danny Elfman soundtrack for the movie Edward Scissorhands. Therefore, there.. the soundtrack is of Danny Elfman.

I tried to shun this pigeon away with a flashlight for trespassing and pooping. But this pigeon just stood there. Even as I get closer and closer.. this pigeon stood still until the sun rises from 3am...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

liberty 911

List of Victims from September 11, 2001
Based from resources I got online, with factual details. And not as shady or full of paranoia than what I sense from other sources. There are several of them, which doesn't make much sense. One example is the Tourist Guy where he has a photo of himself on top of one of the tower seconds before the impact of an American Airline Airplane. Turned out the tourist guy is well and alive somewhere in Brazil.

World Trade Center (north tower)
American Airlines Flight 11
Impact: 8:46:30 a.m.
Collapse: 9:59:03 a.m.
Passengers: 81 (including 5 hijackers)
Crew: 11
Fatalities: All 92 in aircraft, and approximately 1,600 (including jumpers and emergency workers) at the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
FBI Suspected Hijackers of Flight 11

World Trade Center (south tower)
United Airlines Flight 175
Impact: 9:03:02 a.m.
Collapse: 9:59:04 a.m.
Passengers: 56 (including 5 hijackers)
Crew: 9
Fatalities: All 65 in aircraft, and approximately 900 (including jumpers and emergency workers) at the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
FBI Suspected Hijackers of Flight 175

Pentagon - Arlington, Virginia
American Airlines Flight 77
Impact: 09:37:46 a.m.
Passengers: 58 (including 5 hijackers)
Crew: 6
Fatalities: 189 (all 64 on board Flight 77, 125 on ground).
FBI Suspected Hijackers of Flight 77

Stonycreek Township - Somerset County, Pennsylvania
United Airlines Flight 93
Crashed: 10:03:11 a.m.
Passengers: 33 plus 4 hijackers
Crew: 7
Fatalities: 40 plus 4 hijackers.
FBI Suspected Hijackers of Flight 93

Suspected hijackers of 911 that are considered to be still alive..?

National September 11 Memorial & Museum
ground zero memorial museum

One World Trade Center

This is as authentic as I can quickly research about 911. Anything else could be about this Tourist Guy…

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Audio CDs, Tapes, and LPs Collection.

cassette collections

It started out just to avoid the janitor from work before clocking out in the morning. The guy would grunts while I am writing my reports (security guard). And the worst part, bangs garbage cans and keeps on dropping plastic cups to paper cups. Sounds really irritating. I tried talking to him to maybe not to bang stuff too much, but the janitor is def. I don't want to get close to him either, and tap his shoulder. He sorta looks like a giant Gremlin or that one farmer possessed by alien cockroach from the movie Men in Black part one. I suspect he knows I'm getting irritated by it. In fact, I don't even think his def at all. Well what ever he is. I don't like it. So I use my studio headphone with earplugs in my ears before I clock out. Thats when these audio collections come to play. As I listened to my the tracks, I notice I needed some upgrade to my iPhone tracks. So I dig through my CD collections and planned to only import few CDs to my MacBookPro's iTunes, and make few playlists. Playlist for my truck, to listen to while driving. And playlists for my iPhone's iPod, to listen to at some stores or when walking at the park. But since I can't really make up my mind which CDs to use. I decided to just import my whole collections of CDs (around 300). Most of the CDs though are of my brothers. R&B, Pop, and Gansta Rap from the 90's. There are several classics, that I like. Bands like the Cool and The Gang, The Jets, Troop, even Baby Face. In fact some of that collection, I can probably use as samples later on, to add them unto my beat. I usually start from scratch with synthesizers, but why not give some of that a shot later on (sampling). Most of the collections I had, I sold away to Streetlight Record and Rasputin back in 2001 when I was broke. From Tapes to CDs mostly SKA, Reggae, Electronicas, Classic Pop, Alternatives.. Not much of a Rap music fan. I did like typical hip-hop though like the Wu-Tangs, Outkasts, Beastie Boys, as well as Method Man, Afrika Bambaataa, Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hills, and so on and so forth. Anything that B-Boys can dance unto mostly. My little brother's Dirty South Crunk Rap collections isn't so bad either. Rappers like Trillville, Lil Scrappy, and Cash Money Millionaires. Almost funny how they are aloud to take over the radio. Like Hill Billy Farmers slash Pirates, sounding like the Pantera slash Prodigy of Rap Music, than the typical Low Rider Gangsta West-Coast Style Rap Music.

Okay, now back to the collection project. Since I am sorta poor at the moment. Most of my collections will be used and cheap. Maybe few new once but that I'll do by downloading them in iTunes (cheaper). Most likely, I be buying them in CDs later on when it gets old. Therefore, collecting Cassette Tapes is a must. Plus Cassette Tapes I can digitally convert unto Wav to MP3 files. The rest are LPs and of course CDs. No 8 tracks.


Oh man… time flies… lol! I felt like a kid at a candy shop the last time I went to Streetlight Records and Rasputin. Along with my cousin (Jay-Z fan). Bought me several used CDs and Cassette Tapes in a short amount of time. 7 CDs and 7 Cassette Tapes.

Some cool audio cassette tape collections from Youtube. I be happy recording some of it unto MP3 files all day.

Like I said, I will collect some. But not to the point like how this man does to his 8 track collections. Worth visiting his collections and thats about it. I think his from the Bay Area.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giant Crocodile Captured in the Philippines


Yesterday, my brother told me about a giant crocodile that they captured alive from the Philippines. Then showed me a video online. I didn't even know we had crocodiles. If we did, it would of probably been made unto a Sinigang (philippines soup based dish - mostly fish as main ingredients along with tamarind and vegetables.. hmmmm). Philippines don't have swamps. Philippines have many lakes, creeks, and rivers. Lakes are usually massive but never heard of having any crocodiles in them. They have other type of Lizards though, like the Monitor Lizard. Similar like the Komodo Dragons but just not as big. Back as a kid in the Philippines, farmers used to warn kids that the Monitor Lizard would spit toxic at you or whip their tails. Kids would sometimes used their sling shots to keep them away or when kids are just behaving badly with their sling shots (ehem)… Anyways, they also posed it on Facebook and seen it later that night. Which was last night. Amazing find. 21 feet long man. And it looks massive as well. Reminds me of the movie Lake Placid . I wonder if that 21 feet long croc does the same. Damn, where the hell did that thing have been hiding. Philippines don't even have coral life in every beaches anymore. All probably been cleaned away from dynamites. All the mussels and other shell fishes has probably been instinct (sarcasm). And to find something that massive out of the blue? Maaan there's got to be some UFO having fun with this. It also probably swam all the way from Australia to Philippines? There are also the Saltwater Crocodile so that could be it.

Here is a Mobile Video…

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Ah… I ain't saying Philippines never had crocodiles, Im sure there were many many of them when Philippines weren't even named Philippines yet, and the islands were populated with the original natives. Which was the Aetas.