Saturday, July 31, 2010

RIP - Redford White


Filipino Comedian Redford White, I didn't even know he was half white until later. I used to see the guy in a black and white television, so I thought the dude just had light hair. Funny guy he was even a part of a show called Iskul Bukol, I remember Red but can't really remember the name of the show. Maybe It was Iskul Bukol that I remember him from most. There's another funny dude that are gone, not dead but out of a show called Wowowee and his name is Willie Revillame. My folks is a hardcore fan of the show, and says Willie can sometimes a bit too aggressive towards the contestants or maybe even to his own set. Whatever it is, I will bump unto some real answers later. At least Philippines has Pacman, and I don't really care about the rumors of him going out with any fine filipina celebs on the side. True or not, the dude still an awesome boxer. Anyways, farewell to Redford White. He died last week from cancer of the brain and lungs.


I can't wait for the Tenori-On this early coming month, I was supposed to get it by the end of this month, but instead i'll be getting it somewhere next week. I will try to blog what I think of it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mayweather vs Pacquiao - Updates

Well I've been wondering about this fight. Some people says Mayweather really chickened out and Pacman is retiring to focus on becoming the next Filipino President, or on his his way of conquering Hollywood to be the Filipino version of Brad Pitt or Chuck Norris. I mean, if Mayweather looses, at least he fought the best pound for pound fighter ever in history rather than a lucky punch from an underdog. Calling your self the best and then turning away from the fight doesn't seem like a good idea either.

I don't even know now if he should fight either way. This is confusing...

Promoter: Pacquiao is “all in,” waiting to hear from Mayweather
Published on: 7th July, 2010


Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, said Tuesday that the Filipino fighter has made a significant concession on a pre-fight drug screening plan with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp, adding Pacquiao is “all in. He’s agreed to what they’re demanding.”

Arum declined to discuss purse-split negotiations but he said Pacquiao has agreed to submit to random pre-fight blood tests up to 14 days before a fight with Mayweather. The bout is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 13, most likely in Las Vegas.

In negotiations that extended into early this year and ultimately crumbled over the drug-testing dispute, Pacquiao declined to give a blood sample closer than 24 days before the fight, a stance affirmed by an independent mediator but rejected by Mayweather.

Pacquiao went on to defeat Joshua Clottey by a lopsided decision in March, and Mayweather easily defeated Shane Mosley in May. A fight between the 2008-09 fighter of the year Pacquiao and unbeaten Mayweather could emerge as the most lucrative in the sport’s history.

“We don’t care who’s doing the test,” Arum said. “They stopped taking blood 18 days before [Mayweather-Mosley], so that shows they can do it and be fine.”

However, Mayweather’s camp has not signed off on Pacquiao’s concession.

Arum says Mayweather is still deciding whether or not he wants to fight this year. The sticking point could be the legal situation of Floyd Jr.’s uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, who faces a coming trial date for allegedly attacking a female boxer last year. Arum said he believes “we’ll have to fish or cut bait by the end of next week.”
“It’s imminent,” Arum said. “I don’t think Manny would fight without [his trainer] Freddie [Roach].”

One alternative could be Mayweather employing the training services of his father, Floyd Sr., who has trained Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, among others.

Regarding the drug testing, Travis Tygart, the head of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency whose organization oversaw independent drug testing of Mayweather and Mosley’s blood and urine samples, said an important distinction in the Mayweather-Mosley testing is that both fighters had agreed to be subjected to blood draws up until fight night.

“There was no restriction on when or how we could test,” Tygart told The Times on Tuesday. “We did not need to draw blood two weeks before the fight for several reasons, including the number of blood samples we’d already taken, the samples we were able to save, and the fact that no other information had been given to us that would lead us to test again.

“We always consider an athlete’s training when we test.”

That last point is an important consideration for the Pacquiao camp, who have said the fighter feels weakened after giving blood.

Tygart declined to discuss his involvement in the Mayweather-Pacquiao talks, but he highlighted why he believes it’s important for fighters to let the testers set the ground rules of who gets tested when.

“We didn’t need to test [Mayweather or Mosley for blood in the two weeks before their fight], but we could have, and that’s an important deterrent,” Tygart said.

Arum said, “We’re saying the same thing, that if there’s information that emerges in the final 14 days, we can go to the [state boxing] commission and ask for more tests. We can work it out. No one’s looking to pull any fast ones.”

By: Lance Pugmire


Seacliff - 4th of July

Few shots I took from Seacliff. My lenses first time at the beach. Totally unprepared and unrehearsed since I found out about going in a short time notice. Most of the images came out better than expected which I will be posting later in flickr. And they don't have that 90's type image quality that reminds me so much of the first Bad Boys movie film quality. I don't usually take photos in a stalking matter like some pros do. But doing so, you'll know you're limits and how far you want to go.

Seacliff is a beautiful family friendly environment.

People boogie boards either way even when the beach was cold.

The place is also heavily guarded with security officers of all levels.

Friday, July 2, 2010


There are so many secret tips and tricks in the world as it is, as if you don't even need to buy anything. In my case, I wish I know that much. And since I don't, I think this instrument is worth buying. It's Tenori-On, and I can't wait to have it by the end of this month and starts jamming to it right away. I've wanted it since the first time I've seen it around three or four years ago. It does looks like a toy, making it more less intimidating to play with, which also means you can be more creative to it. Not the standard quality for studio to some producers, but to me it has that down-tempo sounds I am looking for. And it's Japanese. Japanese instruments design tends to always simplifies, by transforming a typical music studio unto a size of a deck of cards. Either way, I like'm both, them little Japanese gadgets instruments and authentic sounds from a real studio. The iPad also has apps with similar feature debating if I would choose that instead, except the Tenori-on has a midi cable plug in. It's meant for making music and it's simple. Here is a Youtube Video of what it can do.




Here is another video with other gears like KP3 and Kaossilator...

Bagong Pilipinas

President NoyNoy Aquino

Vice President JoJo Binay

Igorot Security Guard

I came across to this one dude. He asked if I was Filipino after another old filipino man pointed at me saying, "That security guard is filipino too." He asked where I am from and I said from the Ilocos. The man spoke to me in ilocano saying his from Bagui Philippines. We spoke in ilocano for awhile and I was impressed how similar our language were, even the way we pronounce words. Almost like being back from my old town in Ilocos (paoay). He says he was also a security guard in the Philippines for about 20 years, he then walked fast to his SUV to grab a couple of old 35mm photos of him and his buddies as security guards from the 70's.
His crew back in Bagui City Philippines.

By the way, Igorot are tribes of the mountains of Luzon. There are many different Igorot Tribes in Luzon.

He tells me, "Mangala ka iti paltug mo barok tapno ma secure iti riknam nga agpag-na pag-na..." But I told him that it's better not to carry guns around apartments or any residential areas, and it's not safe if I do carry any side arms. Plus if they see you in a none threatening manner with no arms, you are also be treated the same way. And the area is pretty peaceful. Well sometimes you get to asked some disrespectful or stupid questions by few people, specially kids. But those are things you expect from being a security guard. Some don't even want your service because of unemployment and other reasons. About being an armed guard, If I was in a mall, or some power plants, or any business environment buildings where there are mass lay offs, and protests going on, then that's when I would. At least a baton. And it pays a little better too, you just gotta take classes for some permits to be armed.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

DJ The Pitbull Puppy

Creating music in your creative station and getting around taking pictures is what makes a cool day for me. Other than cooking. So I hope no one throws a shoe at me yet, because I know it's not complete. Anyway, some latest pics I took of a pitbull puppy named DJ.