Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WASR 10/AK 47 - Fire Test

I went up to the hills shooting some shit monsters with nice shoes!!!

Naaaah… Me and Ralph (relative), went to the outdoor range to give my new WASR 10 a fire test. It's a Romanian AK47. A semi-auto. Base from reading reviews through the internet and watching YouTube post about the WASR 10, I think it may be designed for slow firing single shots only. Rather than rapid firing. It can't really function like the real Russian AK47, where it can take any type of 7.62x39 ammo, and any brand of AK 47 magazines. It can also be fired rapidly, to full auto, and to auto burst (usually 3 shots per trigger squeezed). I use to have a Bulgarian version and it has no jamming issues at all, as far of rapid firing. Anyway, the first shot of my WASR 10/AK47 went off smoothly, but the second one jammed. Like 2 cartridges going in the chamber at the same time. I fixed that, and the rest went smoothly. No jamming whatsoever. I sorta fired slow since my focused next was fixing the site. I also brought my brother's 9mm Beretta. I didn't score much that day, I just got off from a grave shift, sorta tired, and unfocused, but I'm satisfied the WASR 10 fires pretty smooth.

WASR 10 (romanian AK47)

For some targets, several empty milk jogs filled with water (or colored liquid), and cheap soda cans. The range has their own tin cans (used), but we brought our own. All you gotta do is singed in, write down your license plate number, and pay $15.00 per person ($7.50 for youths 17 and under) per day. @ Los Altos Rod & Gun Club.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daft Punk 130 Videos

This is a lot of Daft Punk! 130 videos...

Makes me regret for not doing the $Robot at this Photobooth from My Cousins Wedding.
From 05/21/11. It's supposedly the day of rapture that some believes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manny Pacquiao vs Sugar Shane Mosley - 2011

I want to congratulate my fellow pinoy Manny Paquiao aka Pacman for wining the fight last night, against Sugar Shane Mosley. The third round was awesome, it's too bad Pacman's legs buckled after that round and cannot rush into Mosley's clever stand backs and run counter attacks technique. Hit and run type boxer. Most fighters who faced Pacman lately, does the same. As if they only wanna get few blemishes on the face, hoping they'll make it to 12 rounds without embarrassing themselves too much, and get the money. Hardly any toe to toe boxers like the previous fighters he ever fought before, when the winning price was pretty even. I probably do the same man lol. You never know what type of scientific voodoo magic has been implanted inside Pacman, after all those years of training to maintain his crown, you just never know (sarcasm). Plus the dude is loved by everyone, even people from Hollywood. You just can't hate on the guy.

Except when…… it comes to politics. I mean common dude. Are you serious? Filipinos, well not just Filipinos but Mexicans, even Irish folks probably walk off the arena right after you mentioned your passion in Philippines politics. That's like a slap on the face for some filipinos to be honest with you. Because there's gotta be tons of Filipinos in the Philippines, from the US, and in any other part of the world that are waaaaaaaay more qualified to take that place as a politician. They just don't have the same fame like you do, or like some of the well known comedians from the Philippines who moved towards politics. I don't mean to say negative about it. I mean it's awesome that a Filipino straight from the belly of the Philippines has made it this far as a professional athlete. From 106 lbs class to 145+ lbs class. And became the top high paying athlete in the wold. You made history dude. Like some kind of hope. Either that, or there just wasn't enough action for what they payed for. Sold out expensive boxing ticket.

I say, rather put that energy in opening up some Boxing Schools, or placing local libraries on certain barrios all over the Philippines. Few local Clinics. Stay in Merchandize business and maybe place jobs in the Philippines and abroad. Business, man… business. Thats even better than a politician. Your more of a modern Raja that way. And safer too.

Anyways, I could be wrong in all this. Just a quick opinion of mine about his move towards politics. If his for it then, it is what it is.. He will be whoever he wants, other than a boxer that the whole world known him best.

Here's the best round of the fight. Round number "3".

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden - Dead

May 1st, 2011. As I went to the kitchen between my sleep before going to work. My family were watching CNN. The television screen shows a live footage of the White House (night time), and at the bottom screen is says "PRESIDENT OBAMA CONFIRMED OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD" it was written something like that. There it is again, what's with numero cinco man.

Bin Laden ruft angeblich zum Kampf für den Irak auf
Osama Bin Laden

May 2nd, 2011. My own opinion. I give props to the Navy Seals. But what if the Pakistanis or foreign Islamic Community done it themselves? Then again, whichever sides killed him, don't make much of a difference. The terrorists attacks regardless, if they see an opening. Justice man. Justice is what matters for now.

And... proof please? Because throwing the body at the deep sea, seems too fishy a size of a smelly dead whale for the public.