Monday, March 30, 2009

4.3 Magnitude

For sure I thought the North Korean's delivered their missile here in California this morning. Turned out it was a 4.3 Magnitude earth quake that woke me up this morning. Or was it around afternoon. I think it was already noon. This is probably the 10th time I played STATIX - Playlist 02 over, which left me sleeping late last night. And still can't seem to find the right sample for my next track. As well as getting few ideas. The best samples are from albums with less or no drum beats at all. You pretty much do all the beats that goes along with the sample. Usually, tracks from the 70's like this dude named Boon Doc uses are the best ones to use. The thing is, they're way too common for me to sample. Mind as well visit few Record Stores for that.

I Am Robot And Proud is also in the Playlist. He did cool on "The Work" using Tenori-On. It has that bell sounds to it. If I would chose between Tenori-On and Motif ES Rack, I would definitely choose the Motif. You can always grab that Tenori-On bell sounds and sample that in MPC using 1/16 tempo.

4.3 Earthquake's FULL ARTICLE

Speaking of earthquakes, I won't ever forget the 6.9 magnitude quake of 1989. I was in the wrestling gym during my sophomore year in high school when it happened. The floor was moving like the ocean's wave. Most of the stop lights were all messed up like fallen trees after a big storm. When I got home, the electricity were off. And when the electricty was back on, I turned on the TV news, and learned that the aftermath was much more worse than the fallen stop lights.

A fortune message from a cookie last night. I've been in the Lab Cave for damn too long since moving in to this new room. And I do need to get back to Nature for a little bit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

STATIX - Playlist 02

Other than organizing my external hardrive, setting up for the next 3 tracks I am going to be making, planning for my next move in life, and being aware of all them catastrophic events that are going on in the world today. I put together another playlist. Some sounds a bit soft but I find its melodies soulful for my taste. The rest of the tracks that are in here are electronica genres. I Hope you enjoy the music.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Legalized Marijuana Issue

In the future perhaps Marijuana are going to be legalized just like how alcohol and tobacco are legal today. Remember the Al Capone Era in the 1930's when there were many mobster killings just like Mexico today. Actually there was another Mexico Drug Cartel Wars back in the 80's. Except the drug wars was in Columbia, between Cartel Kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Los Pepes as well as Americans. Los Pepes were known as an underground short lived vigilante groups who executed anyone who works or related to Pablo Escobar. From what I read and research, rumors says that the Los Pepes were funded by rival cartels known as the Cali Cartel. These rivals also has ties to the Columbian Government, and the real intentions was to take over the cocaine industry of Columbia and make an underground corporate relation with the US. But the DEA had an eye on it more ever since. My point is, Marijuana might become legal anytime soon. And it will be treated with the same laws like alcohol and tobacco. You gotta be 21 to get it. You can't drive vehicles or be at a public area if smoking it. There will probably be signs for Chronic Smoker Area Only. Or some sort of a Hookah Lounges that serves Marijuana. Maybe they'll even have some sort of a sober pills. As you go out in public coming from the Lounge, the Lounge first offers you a sober pills or some kind.

In my opinion, soon as they have them cars that drives itself automatically, and the existence of robotic maids, Marijuana will probably be legal then here in the US. Consequently, legalizing Marijuana is also a gateway for other kinds of narcotics. Bad drugs like Opium, Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Ecstasy. That wouldn't be good. Unless there will be more jobs in the Medical Field for that issue. Hardcore junkies wouldn't be afraid and hiding their addictions anymore, they can easily go to a hospital legally and get treated. The media just have to show more TV Ads on how drugs kills. Just like the TV Ads today against tobacco companies. Don't take my sarcasm twisted now. But again, you just never know.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Detained US Journalists - North Korea

Updated photos of American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

I think these two American journalists are being treated well, and probably be allowed to document about the plan to test-fire the long-range rocket. Just to point out to the world that there should be nothing to worry about. Japan, US, and South Korea are pushing UN sanction but such move are being blocked by China and Russia.

I have seen some footage though on how some North Koreans treats their prisoners. And they are ruthless. From young men and women, and to the older folks, they all get the brutal beat-downs. But for these two American journalists, could be far from the typical North Korean imprisonment. Unless North Koreans are making a foolish move, an invitation of another useless conflict at a time of global economic crises. I don't know much about communism but this might be the right seasons for them to gain more power.

The journalists were identified by people familiar with their plans as Laura Ling and Euna Lee of San Francisco-based Current TV LLC. The two women and two men had been interviewing North Korean refugees in the border towns.

The group was believed to be filming in or near the shallow river that separates the two countries when soldiers that guard the North Korean border took them. However, details were uncertain.


That's North Korea right there on the top. The Japanese are paranoid about the idea of a missile test-fire, and so the Japanese are launching a rocket of their own to shoot down the North Korean's missile, just before it reaches it's goal. Maaan that's next week.

Fallen Star Photo Released

This December 2008 photo, released by NASA, shows a black chunk of rock found in the Sudan desert, the first time astronomers have tracked an asteroid from space, toward Earth, into the atmosphere and down on the ground as a meteorite.

I am getting sucked up by yahoo articles, but I can't help but post this story as one of my blog. This is something big here, although they only found an 8.7 pounds of left over rock from a different planet but failed to form as a planet 4.5 billions years ago. Damn man, how old is planet earth? Earth is like around 4.7 billions years old or somethin'. That's history right there. More like questioning and actually receiving answers from God or some sort. The article says this is the first time Astronomers to tracked a falling star from space and down to earth.


Southeast Asian tribal warriors from ancient times used to follow these kinds of asteroids too. And when they found the rock, they make a ceremonial swords or a dagger out of it called Kris. Like this image here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Three Stooges - 2010

'Three Stooges' coming together at MGM

Whaaat!?!? These dudes are cool actors man. I think it's gonna be funnier than Dumb N Dumber. But more of them physical actions. Farrelly Bros selected the perfect cast to play the parts.


MGM and the Farrelly brothers are finally slapping together their high-profile cast for "The Three Stooges," a comedy project the filmmakers have been developing for years. Sean Penn is set to play Larry, and Jim Carrey is in negotiations to play Curly. Benicio del Toro is a rumored possibility for the brothers' taciturn leader, Moe.

The studio is looking to start production in the fall for a 2010 release slot.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buffest Dog Ever Seen

I was surfing the internet about something the other day. I forgot what I was googling for, but I came across to this blog. At first I was hella trippen, and thought it was probably digitally manipulated. And so, I read the blog and it isn't digitally manipulated. It's a real buff dog with some sort of a rare condition that happens to animals and even to humans. Pitbulls are pretty buff too but this dog here ain't no pitbull. The blog also mentioned that farmers used to or still does select cows with the same rare condition to bred their products to have more meat. If I could only remember what topic I was looking for, I could probably find the blog where I found this from and add more information about this bizzare lookin' buffed up dog.

I just found something here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 Slain Officers - Oakland

Sgt. Mark Dunakin 40, Sgt. Daniel Sakai 35, Sgt. Ervin Romans 43, Off. John Hege 41

I heard about this yesterday. So far this year, this is the second tragic story I heard from the news between officers and suspects from the same City. Which is Oakland. This time the officers are the ones who were slain and then of course the suspect. If cops pull you over don't they check your license plate first or something to see if the suspect is on probation or on a second strike.

Maybe after all them protesting about the accidental killing of Oscar Grant I guess some rules changed a bit. In my opinion, although I learned that Off. Johannes Mehserle were pissed before the incident, witnesses says that the Officer were stunned afterwards all saying "Oh my God.. Oh my God!!" So my conclusion to that is that he mistakenly picked the gun over the taser. Or he probably felt disbelief how he actually got his anger out by shooting Oscar Grant. Like what I blogged about Oscar Grant. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Lovelle Mixon, 26, was pulled over by two motorcycle officers in Oakland, California Saturday afternoon for a routine traffic stop at 1:08 p.m. Mixon, driving a 1995 Buick, who police later discovered was wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating parole on an assault with a deadly weapon charge, opened fire on Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, who died of his injuries on Saturday. Sgt. John Hege, 41, who has been in grave condition at Highland Hospital, died at noon on Sunday.

Mixon then fled into a nearly multi-unit apartment complex. SWAT officers stormed the building and exchanged gunfire with the assailant, who was brandishing an assault rifle. Mixon killed Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35, and slightly wounded an unidentified officer, who was treated for a minor bullet graze to the head and released from an area hospital.

The suspect, Lovelle Mixon, was killed in the gun battle. He had an extensive criminal history, according to police officials who held a news conference Saturday afternoon (see video below).

More details available at: Fugitive Watch

Blog from: Bitten and Bound

Friday, March 20, 2009


I just added this cool widget on my side bar. It's a music playlist and it streamlines my own tracks. Thanks to this one musician who posted this widget to promote her tracks as a bulletin. I was gonna place all 11 of my completed tracks in there. But I took out another two of my finished tracks. Which makes that only 9 tracks completed. So now, I am going to make 3 more to make that to 12 tracks. I'll place all 12 tracks in that same widget when it's completed. Keep changing my mind but I just wanna put up a cool album. Not that I am hoping to sell out or anythin' but just to make something out of this hobby. Although it would be so damn cool if it would. Other than that, I was also messing around on this character. Something for my musical slogan. I do have my own photographs with some 8 bit fonts as slogans but thats about it. I also like using real photos of UFOs and then just adding 8 bit fonts to it. Do I believe in the UFO? Well, I'll blog about that later on.

Image Hosted by
Space Invaders Characters just looks so damn cool to me man. Since it wouldn't be original if I copy the exact image, mind as well make a replica version. The STATIX version.

Image Hosted by
I got the idea from my Korg Kaoss or KP3. I change the character to a more friendlier lookin' dude. Now it's a replica of both KP3 and Space Invaders unto one. I just have to even out the gray linings a little bit and this would also work for a CD cover. And a shirt design, mouse pad, mug, etc. Kinda simple but I like it that way.

Monday, March 9, 2009

World Builder

I got this from Kanye West's Blog. It's a short film by Bruce Branit. Pretty cool virtual world.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

UFC 96

The UFC 96. All the fights are gonna be good. I can tell the 155s will be a lot of action - or I hope. I've seen footage of them heavyweights that are fighting tonight moves like middleweights or even lightweights so that should also be a good fight. The fights that really stands out to me are from these three matches right here:

Quinton Jackson Vs. Keith Jardine
205 Light Heavyweight

Matt Hamill Vs. Mark Munoz
205 Light Heavyweight

Brandon Vera Vs. Michael Patt
205 Light Heavyweight

Keith Jardine has some awkward unpredictable moves - more like an old drunken kung-fu master who swaggers around throwing punches and kicks. Jardine usually gets lucky where he lands his weird punches and kicks. If Rampage (Quinton Jackson) can watch out for them awkward moves, he might end up winning the fight. The kicks are something Rampage should watch out for. Rampage is more like a wolf who attacks but more cautious now about the Tranquilizer Dart. I notice that from his fights with Silva from Pride to the UFC.

Now about my fellow pinoy fighters, maan I can understand about the responsibilities and all that. Some are fortunate enough to have a passion and squeeze something out to feed their family. But this is a sport. Put that aside for now and get with the game. What I wanna see someday is to see these two 205 pounder fighters fight eachother in the future. Brandon Vera vs Mark Munoz. Unless someone changes their weight class.

Mark Monuz just need more experience to go toe to toe with "The Truth" Brandon Vera. Brandon's fights has been boring lately. And thats the truth! I don't know, maybe it's his weight. So far Monuz has a good start on his record. But to me, Monuz earned his record from fighters that weren't that good. Although he did made an excellent performance of showing his opponents that they weren't good fighters. Mark Monuz has a killer superman ground and pound technique. Monuz is fighting Matt Hamill tonight. And I have seen Matt Hamill fights like the dude has no clue what pain is. Matt Hamill in my opinion also has no problem defeating who Mark Monuz defeated. But if Monuz wins this, I think this is a big chance for him to fight Brandon Vera.

I don't know how close these two are, but I say Brandon "The Truth" Vera is going to win the fight against Michael Patt just to show Mark Monuz what damage he can do to a Shark in a Tank. Like a Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean or somethin'. You never know, Michael Patt might win or it might turned out a draw.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wasabi Sandwich Links

Hello, I am currently adding and sorting some links, gadgets, and widgets for this site. The links and blogs that I follow are some of the most amazing artists. And it's always cool to be on that realm. The rest of my links are corporate affiliated but I ain't trying to help them sell out in any way. Their pages do have informations that are resourceful to my interests. There are also products that are being created and interesting enough to know about. Stuff like Trend in Japan. Some of their products are uselessly funny, or just plain silly and awkward, but some actually work. Check out this Dancing Shishi Robot for example.

About Watchmen. I might have to save it for next time. I don't wanna cough all through out the movie. Specially if I am with someone. Or in a group. I'll check it out some other time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barely Missed Asteroid

According to what I've seen on the TV news, an asteroid flew over Haiti just few days ago. Astronomers knew about the asteroid and calculations was made to prove that it wasn't going to hit our planet. But nature once again surpassed the human intelligence, the asteroid was actually closer that expected. Exactly how close was twice the distance from an orbiting satellites. Even if there was an Impact It would not be as catastrophic, for it will hit the middle of the ocean. Islanders would be jacked either way but they said to be far off from the mainlands.

The Dinosaurs were also known to had been wiped away from an asteroid 65 million years ago. There is an evidence of an asteroid impact other than the Dinosaur Theory, called The Meteor Crater in the state of Arizona. It was the first crater to be identified as an impact crater. Between 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, a small asteroid about 80 feet in diameter impacted the earth and formed the crater. The one that just flew over us was 115 feet.

Large Asteroid Barely Misses Earth—Can We Prevent Future Collisions?

by Haley A. Lovett

Asteroid 2009 DD45 missed Earth by only twice the distance of orbiting satellites. Could early detection save the planet from future asteroids?

On March 2, 2009, an asteroid approximately 115 feet across flew very close to Earth. According to, astronomers knew that the asteroid was coming and that it was not going to collide with Earth. At its closest point to Earth, it was only twice the distance of a geostationary communications satellite.

It isn’t uncommon for space objects to come close to Earth, but asteroid 2009 DD45 was much closer than usual. NASA has a schedule of upcoming close encounters that details the size of each asteroid and the distance from Earth that each will pass. FULL ARTICLE

Monday, March 2, 2009

Watchmen - Trailer

I haven't read the comic book yet, but there is this one character that I think looks cool unlike any other type of super heroes with tights and capes. The character's name is Rorschach. He's like Detective Somerset from the movie Seven and sorta moves around like the dude in Darkman. I might wait till it comes out on DVDs or go check it out when my sore throat goes away. Damn weather is getting all strange. All windy. And I could hear raccoons flying around outside my room's window. I haven't been to my usual spot at Berryessa in a long time. It's an old movie theater. There are plenty of new movie theaters around my area but I still go to this one old theater. If not this movie, I'll definitely check out Knowing and Terminator Salvation.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Also known as Mancala for International name. I ain't sure if Sungka are still popular in the Philippines but it sure does brings back some memories as a kid growing up there. Sungka is an ancient game from all over asia. South East Asia for the most part. They even play this game in Africa.

Sungka is a Philippine mancala game which is today also played wherever Philippine migrants are living; e.g. in Taiwan, Germany, and the USA. Like the closely related congkak it is traditionally a women's game. Sungka was first described outside of Asia in 1894 by the American ethnologist Stewart Culin.

Sungka is similar to many other Southern Asian mancala games such as naranj (Maldives), dakon (Java), congkak (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) and tchonka (Marianas). The game differs from kalah which is known in North America and Europe in being a multi-lap game. Another important difference is that the first move is executed simultaneously in sungka which is meant to balance the game. Sungka is distinguished from congkak by being played counterclockwise and also by some other minor rule differences.

It's hard to explain how to play the game but you'll get the idea while you play it here. On this game you start with 4 pebbles on each of the 6 holes, instead of 7 pebbles on each 6 holes: PLAY MANCALA