Monday, March 29, 2010

The Car Accident

These are the pictures of the accident yesterday from across the street. Just so happened that it was my brother's car that was hit while it was parked.

I was in my room, checking out the new iPhone I just bought, and then I heard screeching sound along with a loud familiar bang of a car being crumpled. And then an alarm went off. My family was eating dinner at the time, I already ate before them because I was planning of catching some sleep before my next shift at 12:00am. The accident happened around 9:30pm. So after I heard the accident, I went out and saw an SUV all flipped over on the side. I went back to the house and told my family to call 911. My brother went out in an instance because he recognized the sound of his car alarm.

The driver was of a hispanic woman and with a child. Like an infant. I was too tired to remember but I think the child was okay, the mother though was hurt (bleeding) but not in fatal condition. She manages to help her self out while the good samaritans from my hood came to her aid, by also helping her out of the car.

car accident1

car accident2

car accident3

car accident4

car accident5

car accident6

car accident7

car accident8

car accident9

car accident10

car accident11

With all these stuff going on here, and I am sure they are all good people who ever that did helped. In the other hand, there's also a lot of money to be made here alone. I guess thats balance in a way (yin & yang), in a third world country it would take around a week or even longer for some real professional rescue. Now I am sorta concerned about my bro's insurance, we were just enjoying dinner...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My iPhone 3GS

I just got my first iPhone today along with a hardcore protective case, car battery charger, and some extra LCD plastic cover. And I am a little tired to get really excited about it, but finally I got one. Since I've been using a family member's phone, I was gonna wait until they either switch or have a verizon version, gotta get my own phone man. Mind as well plan to get an iPhone. I guess now, is long enough to get one. And it's worth the wait to have the latest version which is the iPhone 3GS with 16GB. This is more like a handheld apple computer than a phone. I still gotta mess around to it and still have to download few apps, register to iTunes and all that.


And there was some other things that happened tonight, my brother's car just got hit by another car while it was parked across from the street. I'll blog about that tomorrow along with some pictures.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paoay from Wikimapia

I just found this out. I outlined familiar places here, including my birth place. Scroll around to it and you'll find my house. I still remember some of the roads, creeks, rivers, houses, shops, even where the bee hives would be at. About this map: It's from The Philippines. A town called Paoay from the Province of Ilocos Norte. Ferdinand E. Marcos was from Ilocos Norte as well. But I was too young to remember who he was then.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The I Ching

It's about a book. I read this once and while just to kill time as I also watch around my post in my off time. Pretty interesting, I am not a Buddhist, but I do like how they present their philosophies and meditation practices. Not in a religious manner depending on how you define religion is, to me religion is a daily practice or some sort, with some spiritual guidance and not to worship a god. But to be one with that godly source.

I never tried this my self, which is what your supposed to place on your altar. In modern Christianity, stones or any type of objects are forbidden because in the bible it says god is a jealous god and nothing should be worship before god (or him god). To me god is not a he or she only but many unto one all together. Again, this is not about worshiping, this is being with the element that is a part of godly creation.

The Altar
1. Spoon some cook brown rice into the center bowl. This bowl represents the infinite.
2. Small amount of spring water into the bowl on your left. This symbolize yin energy (dark).
3. Small amount of sea salt into the bowl on your right. This symbolize yang energy (light).
4. Decorate your altar with attractive assortment of small rocks and flowers that you found around your home.

How to Meditate
Empty your mind: let go of contents.
Make your mind no mind: get rid of all things.
Concentrate your mind: make it unmoving.
Pacify your mind: let there be no fear.
Make your mind tranquil: keep it from chaos.
Straighten your mind: get rid of the crooked.
Cleanse your mind: eradicate the foul.

To me, reading how to meditate itself while I was standing, already gave me some sort of physical peace. Perhaps that was the meditation part, other than like googling in your mobile phones. That too can be like meditation, just be careful what goes inside your mind...

South American Vultures

There are these big black vultures that flies around where I do my foot patrolling. Few residents including a dude that works there says they have a wing span up to 7 feet but I know that's a little exaggerated. One thing that could be accurate though is that they are called South American Vultures. And they are not as nastier than the well known scavenger type vultures. It's pretty woody where I work at, and when sundown about to come, these birds flocks around, sounding like some tree branch about to fall down on me, but it's always just them birds. Lots of them man, like some cool looking demons flying around up around the sky and right above and around the trees. And now, I realize, as well as realizing that the weather continues to be unusual as it rains while sunny and at the same time stormy with some rainbow also present, these vultures does not belong in the area (north america). Them vultures are from Brazil like the Amazon. The residents says not to worry too much about their droppings because these vultures only eats clean foods, and there feces are not as acidic than the African Vultures where they drop like some atom bombs that melts your skin through your bones.

Here's my footage of them South American Vultures...

Condo Unit ###

I heard how crazy the resident was, and since it was a woman in her early 40's I didn't really think much of it. Just watch for flying objects every time I passed by her apartment. I was told she throws glass objects a lot. And most of it are broken glass. The residents that knew her says she was a normal person when they met her a year before. She had a job as a nurse, she was unto all kinds of outdoor activities and was really fit for her age. And then I was also told that she started having some relationship issues that caused her mental issues. And then, because of that mental issues, she probably lost her job as a nurse. It's pretty common to some people to have similar problems. But to my surprised, when I was asked to watch over a maintenance one day, this woman was really crazy. I've seen trashed out homes before but this one is more like a hurricane had been renting in. The residents also says she's been apprehended and was in the hospital. But it was a little unusual to see her out few days later and allowed to go back to her apartment to take her things casually. I even seen her getting her cigarette lit up by a resident that knew her. I asked that same person who lit up her cigarette about her condition the next day, and he says shes just taking her things, and after that she'll be officially gone. He even gave her a ride and payed for her to have a place to stay for the night. I think it was Marriot Hotel. And I was again, disbelief because she should be in a hospital for some rehab, but Marriot Hotel?

Shes got all kinds of magazines. Really normal chick stuff. There are even relationship notes posted on her fridge. But no one was really there but her. I rather not say what was written.

This lady gotta be on something to be able to tear her doors up like this.

Makes me wonder when was the last time she actually used this bathroom.

The Lost Boys

RIP Corey Haim
This movie reminds me of some old friends from the 80's. Specially my old neighbor and The Boys Club. It was called The Boys Club back in the early 80's and then it turned unto The Boys and Girls Club. For some reason, I think it's more of a baby sitting place now, than summer camps type of program. Makes me wonder what is up with them other kids. It's the year 2010 now and still there's no flying cars. Just military type recruits from the streets and beyond. Most people don't have much of a choice I guess, certain skills belongs to the ones that can afford to buy uthorities and control over societies more and more, and some of them ain't really safe because their main skills are hustling, than producing adaptable creations. When it does comes to creations, a sample of that are fast and hybrid engine cars with no breaks. And does flies about 30 to 60 feet high from up above the freeways and landing to the roof tops of the trailer parks. I could be wrong though, these are just few things that I see and hear from the news, and my sarcastic opinions.

Other than that, The Lost Boys is an awesome movie. Makes me wanna go up to Santa Cruz and walks around like a vampire slayer around the boardwalk at midnight after reading some collectible comic books. Don't take this literally now, this is just a reminisces of my teen years.