Saturday, June 5, 2010

Van Der Sloot

If it's not about cashing in, then this demon really hit the jackpot. From a casino too. What I meant is that, he really messed with the wrong family this time, it turned out that the lady he recently killed is a daughter of a wealthy race car man. Possibly has a connection to South American Mafia. Van Der Sloot was wearing a bullet proof vest, and actually made it to jail where there are a bunch of media taking pictures. Usually cops pulls criminals in the back of an alley somewhere and then shoots them on the back of the head while faced down on the ground (i've seen real footage). Van Der Sloot looking really tense maybe thinking to himself one of them photographer's might be aiming a tactical sub machine gun at his face. I heard and read they have no death penalty in Peru, bad for him though because I think South American prisoners can carry their own machetes. And them prisoners probably has familia outside the prison that wanted better pork asadas on their table that can last a lifetime. I can already hear the sound of blades being sharpened with sparks flying out.


The kid isn't sorry at all too man. As a matter of a fact, he was trying to extort $200,000 to show where Natalie's body at... and the dude stills walks around until landing to Lima of Peru making his way to Chile.

I blogged about this last year.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sinkhole in Guatemala

What in the hell is this man. The hole is so perfectly round and so deep, it looks like a secret gate had been revealed built by the aztecs or the mayans or maybe even beings before men were even exist. I am not being exaggerated in any way. To be honest it's sorta amusing with disbelief, it's actually real. Lately, one of BP's oil refinery were attacked by a bunch of dolphins and octopus. It sucks they didn't have a plan A and B or even C until someone or something actually tried to prove us that, since Top Kill did not work. Possibly giant octopus and other types of sea creatures. I was wondering if it has a connection from this sinkhole in Guatemala. Also, I heard locusts will be flocking California soon this year. So maybe farm owners should be prepared for this. As a matter of a fact it already started. I was at work one night, and I've seen a bunch of mosquito looking insects that was covering this one building's glass doors. And on my last round as a security guard, most of them insects died underneath the glass doors and all scattered on the ground like wheat, you can actually scoop them up with a dust pan. I guess they were trying to get to the light from the inside.


National Geographic

Gobierno de Guatemala's

It reminds me of the movie "300" with them Persian Messengers being kicked into a pit hole by Spartans. Someone was probably screaming "This is Guatemalan!!!" to some Chupacabras. (jk). But really I still gotta bump into some answers later about the equations or the physics of this perfectly rounded hell pit.

Here is one theory, but how did that empty void formed.