Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dog Bites and Deep Fried Chicken

I should of used a staff. But at that time, I didn't even have time to think about it. I'll keep this in mind though that I should be more prepare for something like this. As I was preparing for dinner today, I saw these two dogs out the window wondering around in the hood, sniffing the grass, and the trees. There are always dogs wondering around the hood so I didn't payed much attention to it. Few hours later I saw the kid from across the street looking for something. Again, I didn't payed much attention to it, the kid is always curious. And I was thinking more about recipes and some tropical fruits. All of sudden I heard a scream. I looked out the window, and third house down from the left side of the kid's house was him, squatting down crying and screaming as he watches over close to his black poodle dog being mauled by the two dogs I saw wondering around earlier. Maan the kid was too damn close to them dogs, so I ran there fast as I could. As I got closer, I see the black poodle dog like a tag of war rope between the two mean lookin' dogs. It was like a scene from animal planet of two hungry lions biting on a baby wildebeest. The dogs seemed a lot bigger as I got closer. I yelled at the dogs and then I stupidly picked up a crumple news pepper off the ground and threw it, thinking it will drive them away. And of course that didn't do anything. And then I blanked out, I think I remember punching one of them dogs. The next thing I remember, was looking for another object and found a long metal pole. I wish I had a metal bat with me, or the wooden staff from my room. The long metal pole only made the dogs agitated as I poke them with it. As the kid cries with his hand bleeding, I asked where his black poodle dog at. And he says that his dog were already back in the house but his really hurt bad. I was like what!?!? Here I was poking at one of the dogs with a metal pole and the kid was standing behind me with his house garage still open. So I told him he should go back in the house to take care of his hand first, because he might of gotten some rabies from the dogs.

And then the kid's mother came out. The mother was looking for the dog's owner, but the kid was hurt. So I had to pick up the long metal pole again, and gave a sign language to my neighbor to call 911. Now I had to guard the mother and the kid following the mother as she knocks on the house's door where the attacked happened. But no one was answering. She says their dogs shouldn't be out on the street. I wanna tell her that she should go back in the house with her kid, because I don't think it's a good idea to be around them dogs. Finally, the mother and the kid went back to their house. And I ran back in my house. I left the oven on.

Then a white van appeared. A middle age blonde lady came out of the van and picked up the two dogs. The kid called her mother back out, and the mother ran out on the street to stop the van right in the middle of the road. I yelled at the other neighbor to write her plate number down. Two of them neighbor ran back out with a pen and paper. The lady in the van yelled at the kid's mother to "Get off the way you indian lady!!!" She was probably a racist bible fanatical middle age lady, because she was also cursing out Jesus' name. The cops and animal control service came by in about 20 minutes later.

Anyway, I told my mother what happened and she got mad. She says it was stupid and I should of left it alone, because I didn't have any medical insurance. That's very true...

The dogs might of been pit-bulls. But Elsie, my bro's lady says she saw the same dog earlier and believed they were Brindle. I checked out the internet and indeed they were Bensenji Brindle. An African breed dogs, and they look a bit like pit-bulls but leaner. They are known not to bark which makes them deadly because it's hard to read them dogs when they are in attacking mode. And the way I saw them attack the poor black poodle today, they are very ferocious animals...

The father probably got off work early.

The cop about to ask the kid what happened.

The interrogation...

The city animal control officer wondering which hand was bitten. The kid has a cast on his left forearm.

I wonder what took these guys 20 minutes till they showed up.

I tried to capture the dogs but I shot the whole thing from the inside of the house through the window using a zoom lens. There was too much things I planned to do for the day as it is. And I got too tired too fast, I really need to get in shape.

Back to what I was doing, I think these fried chicken was a little too dry, all I added were salt and pepper, and deep fried them using peanut oil. The peanut oil is perfect for deep frying, plus you can store them for a reuse. And they do not splash. I was gonna use the backyard stove but the propane tanks needed refills.

Boiling water to blanch some sweet potato leaves from the backyard.

With some tomatoes also from the backyard.

All mixed together with a little bit of fish sauce.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flatland BMX

I didn't know flatland BMX are still big in the Philippines, or they could be the same dudes that used to do this back in the 80's, and still looks like a bunch of 15 year olds. I was around 11 years old when BMX was big in the Philippines and it was still big before I left back in 1986. I didn't own a BMX till later, but I did own a bicycle with a side rack (my bro and my sister were the monkeys). So I wasn't the only filipino fob who was aware of it back in high school here in the states. In high school, most filipino fobs got together because they identify themselves of owning at least one or two BMX. It was a way to socialize. I wasn't as good as these guys though, they were freakin' awesome on them flatland tricks. Most of them pinoys even made crews. Sometimes these filipino BMX crews were mistakenly identified as gangs by the real street gangs and usually got bullied.

Later that BMX hobbies evolved unto import car racing. They took that same knowledge they had from tricycle and jeepney chop-shops back in the philippines, and incorporate that to modifying japanese import cars, unto an urban race cars, as well as urban drift cars. Not just filipinos but pacific islanders and south east asians in general. There used to be a lot of them around in the streets. Now most of them urban race cars are impounded by the law, because the parts added to modify them import cars were illegal. Making the urban racing lifestyles slowly dying out. It's pretty awesome though how it became hollywood 17 or 18 years later ever since the fobs were doing all these modifications. The impounded urban race cars, now became collectable items as part of an american culture of what James Dean left back in the 50's.

1992 Modified Honda Civic. Downloaded this cool image from the internet...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gerry Alanguilan - WASTED

Wasted style of artwork is definitely out of the comic book tradition. Gerry Alanguilan, a filipino comic book illustrator and writer, also inked for comic books like the X-Man and among other comics. It's funny because I saw the dude in youtube making some Beef Kaldereta not knowing he was the same guy who I had in my website from way back, as one of my favorite Filipino Illustrator. Very crafty dude, weird, sometimes has annoying personalities in videos. He also got a website to preserved the old school filipino comic books. It's an online museum of a bunch old filipino comic book artists who also work for some of the well known american comic books. I must warn you though, this comic here is a bit violent and crazy.

Slumdog Millionaire

Finally had the chance to rent the movie and check it out. I always like Indian Movies, but this flick is directed by Danny Boyle along with a co-director from India named Loveleen Tandan.

And what is up with the news I have been hearing about, of the child actor loosing a home, and a parent in real life. I figure it could be some child exploitations just to make some money by films. And for that reason, it took me awhile to see the movie. But when I watch the movie, I thought the movie was one of the best rented movie I've seen this year. The movie is good man, the soundtrack is also cool. They picked the right person to chose soundtracks for this film. About the child actors. I also heard the child actors weren't even real actors but real kids who were coach to act. It seems as though Hollywood took that stories from the slums and made something out for themselves. Just like that one pimp dude who Jamal shot in the head to save his brother Salim's girl of becoming a prostitute. The pimp acts kindly at the kids first and then asked them to sing, and if they sing good, he'll put them to sleep and takes away their eyes just so he can pimped them better by singing in the street begging for rupees.

The setting of the movie is also real. I heard muslims are being treated bad in India by the hindus. Muslims being burned alive and all that. There is this scene in the flick where a mob of armed hindus invades the muslim's squatter community, and a little muslim boy was painted blue and dressed up like Rama (hindu god) holding a bow and arrows. A part of the scene when the main character named Salim were telling the story to the police chief on how he coincidentally knew the answer for the question of what Lord Rama uses as weapon, which was a bow and arrows. Salim was framed as a cheat due to his uneducated background and his roots from a slum of India. The movie is basically how he knew the answers from the Indian version show "Who Want To Be A Millionaire". I guess every country has it's own version. Philippines also has their own.

It also reminds me of this one movie maid by Mira Nair titled Salaam Bombay also a story of kids from the streets of Bombay now known as Mumbai.