Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MINOLTA X700 - Unboxing

I always like 35mm manual cameras. I am a DSLR user as well but there's something about the old school SLR cameras, or the regular 35mm cameras, that the DLSR cannot replicate. You can digitized an image to have that 35mm film quality look, but that would be just bogus. 35mm film processing is like a dying art. And there's not much Photography Lab Stores as it used to be. There are drugs stores, but they usually have drugstore owned 35mm films, rather than the high quality standard 35mm films. It's really not that hard to learn it. If you are used of the DSLR camera, all you gotta do is learn how to use the Focus and Aperture. Loading is pretty easy, just be patient. The rest are common sense later. It's also cool to hear the real manual sounds of a SLR camera than the digital effect sounds.

This box arrived yesterday from eBay.

The seller sealed it pretty good.

Camera's Sling Bag, Camera's Strap, and some 35mm Films.

Camera Bag's Strap, Manual, and Etc.

Some Films included. 400 Speed. Only 12 Exposures. Sorta like Practice Films.

And there she is… It's a Minolta x700. Built in 1981. Got it on eBay for under 150 bucks. The lens is a regular Minolta 50mm 1:2. Missing lens cap, and no UV filter or any filter to protect the lens. I'll get that later.

I already owned a Honeywell Spotmatic Minolta and that too is an awesome camera. Just lately I've used some expired 35mm films. Most of it turned out okay. It has that experimental quality. You can check them out in my Flickr account.

It came with a zoom lens Vivitar 85-205mm 1:38. Wow.. it's sorta heavy. This is the part where I'm glad how these metallic lenses evolved to plastic DSLR camera lenses as far of weight goes.

It's even heavier… what a difference man. Well, will see what it does...

1982 Television Commercial:

Some samples of what the camera can produce. Please do click on the photos to link you up to the photographers who posted them:

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Jaguar E-Type



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mambo Italiano! - Rosemary Clooney

I'm posting this now, next thing you Beyonce is gonna make a cover song or something like it. It's a damn cool song.

A girl went back to Napoli
Because she missed the scenery
The native dances and the charming songs
But wait a minute, something's wrong
Hey, mambo! Mambo italiano!
Hey, mambo! Mambo italiano
Go, go, go you mixed up sicialiano
All you calabraise-a do the mambo like a crazy with a
Hey mambo, don't wanna tarantella
Hey mambo, no more a mozzarella
Hey mambo! Mambo italiano!
Try an enchilada with da fish a bac a lab and then a
Hey goombah, I love a how you dance a rhumbah
But take a some advice paisano
Learn how to mambo
If you gonna be a square
You ain't a gonna go nowhere
Hey mambo! mambo italiano!
Hey mambo! mambo italiano!
Go, go, Joe, shake like a Giovanno
Hello kess-a-deetch-a you getta happy in the feets a
When you mambo italiano
Shake-a Baby shake-a cause i love a when you take a me
Mama say "stop-a or I'm gonna go to papa"
And a hey ja drool you don't a have to go to school
Just make-a wid da beat bambino
It's a like a vino
Kid you good a lookin' but you don't a-know what's cookin' till you
Hey mambo, Mambo italiano
Hey mambo, Mambo italiano
Ho, ho, ho, you mixed up Siciliano
it's a so delish a ev'rybody come copisha
How to mambo italianoooooo!
'Ats nice!