Thursday, January 12, 2012

Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past For The Future

I recorded this from PBS a while back. Somewhere in 1998... Part of the beginning of the program is missing, but close enough.

Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past For The Future - Part 1 of 4

Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past For The Future - Part 2 of 4

Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past For The Future - Part 3 of 4

Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past For The Future - Part 4 of 4

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ai WeiWei

This is Ai WeiWei with his head injury from prison. He says, he cannot do long reading like he used to. But he will use his new disability as an advantage for his art work.

I don't know much about his issues with politics. But his now out from prison. I think that was 3 month ago when he got out. A co-worker who is chinese, and have passion in chinese history told me that Ai WeiWei is out from prison, after asking him if he knows about Ai WeiWei. He was in prison due to Tax Evasion.

I am more intrigue about his art works and as himself as a character. His works are huge man. And such a charismatic guy for his age.. more like that fat chinese buddha. Like a shoaling monk with beard in Bruce Lee's movie, Enter the Dragon.

I notice there are few or several… maybe more famous Chinese people that are being put to prison in China. Even Bloggers. Next thing you know, Jackie Chan is in prison.

Some links related to the artist:





Here are samples of him and his art works:
Tate Modern 2
Sun Flower Seeds (hand-painted ceramic sunflower seeds and over 100 millions of it).

Forever Bicycles.

Snake Ceiling
Snake Ceiling.

Moon Chest.

Work Installation in Tokyo, Japan.

09919-AW (1)
Work Installation in Tokyo, Japan.

Map of China.

Coca-Cola Vase.

Dropping a Ming Vase.

The Artist Himself.

I heard of him from Bravo's television program titled Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.
One of the contestant artist named Young, used his story for one of the challenges and won. His piece was titled "Where is Ai WeiWei?"

Here is Ai WeiWei when he just got out from a hospital, back to the comfort zone of his home, and to his art studio… just like that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Racism in Libya against Blacks?


Well thats what CNN says… This news is about 5 months ago. And again, it's just one of them stories I just had to write down.


Weren't the Libyan Rebels fought for democracy? I don't think ethnic cleansing is democratic at all man. Mind as well drop some bombs in all entire continent of Africa to wiped out all Africans. And that would include Libya as well. I can understand why their doing it. Now that Gaddafi is gone, the Libyan Rebels are hunting down black skinned who they suspected to be payed mercenaries for Gaddafi. To me that's just ridiculous. I hope the Libyan Rebels knows that the whole world was rooting for them. But this thing their doing is just not cool man. There are lots of black libyans. And sadly they are also killing them native black libyans.

I'm sure there were some other nationalities within Africa that were mercenaries. But those dude got payed. They could be anyone, including real arab featured mercenaries. Another infos that I found in the internet, are Gaddafi Mercenaries outside of Africa. Like this lady here. Now, she doesn't look black at all… she's not even arab! She looks hella mean though.. I mean, just look at her eyes.

Mercenaries fighting for Col Gaddafi's regime are reportedly being paid up to $1,000 a day.

Female Colombian snipers 'fighting to defend Col Gaddafi in Libya'
Female Colombian snipers suspected of belonging to the Marxist guerilla group FARC are fighting as mercenaries defending Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, according to rebel forces.


Now some readers may questioned, "Ey man.. why do you even care about it.. you're like a bum. eh eh eh…" And my answer would be… "Actually, I don't… this was five months ago." But it's something I wanted to write about and look at as a sample. A perfect example. I notice things are being played over and over again. An earthquake with a 100 magnitude would happened in the year 3012 and they would always compare it to the earthquake back in 2025. And then the medias and scientists would make several television programed promoted by Dove infomercial saying "This would take us back to the year 2025! When the Golden Bridge of San Francisco finally been devoured by the Tsunami coming from Japan, as predicted from 1918!" But they never really cared about preventing it. Not 110% or more. They did sold lots of Dove shampoo products due to lice plague started in the year 2999. Lets just say, at least I wrote something about it man.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Another new years… 2012. So much stuff been said about this number.

Anyways, I got a bunch of blogs I still need to fill in from last year. Therefore I am going backwards in time and post them here. Which is the part I love most about this blogging account. From Blogger.

I downloaded this app about a month ago. Maybe two months ago. Someone posted a video in Facebook about it. I liked what I saw and several week later, I downloaded it. I play to it whenever I'm trying to kill some times. Here is a sample of what I did few days ago with the beat. And recently just did the distorted piano solo sounds this morning.

So far I like this app. It works well for making loops, ideas, and it's really portable. Plus they sound cool enough to be recorded as a master track. Just few thumb issues. I got fat fingers. Man I sound like a salesman… They should pay me for this dammit. Hopefully, I'll be able to make another one in real time. But here is what I got.