Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lechon Kawali aka Checharones

Trying to perfected the way I deep fry lechon kawali which is also known as checharones in espanioles. It's basically pork belly. Boiled with beer then deep fried right away with vegetable oil.. Next time, I'll boil it with some salt, pepper corn, bay leafs, and regular water. Let it cool a bit. Then deep fry'em with vegetable oil. Maybe peanut oil even.

Here is the proper way of making lechon kawali, which I will do next time...

Instrumental Beat - by STATIX

Now here is my hip-hop beat or instrumental music I made on 08/09/11. All original, nothing is sampled except of the drums beats, more like kits than samples but it sounds like real drums. I don't own any studio racks yet to dynamically processed and compressed the final tracks, so the sound quality is a bit dry as of now. I will be getting them soon to add in to my music lab. This beat making is taking me to another level. And I like it. Like I could make thousands of these, more like icing on a cake, eating an ice-cream, etc. Just as long that I have some racks to produce better sound quality with than just the creative aspect to it. I mean it's pointless to make creative tracks but then it has that peaking distorted sounds rather than that punchy, slash warm, slash colorful soothing sounds… I really made this instrumental beat for my relatives to rhymes with. Again, I am more of a electronica based hobbyist.

Beat Making - Akai MPC

or Instrumentals. I am more of a Electronica lab based musician slash hobbyist. To be honest, it's easier for me to make beats that are synthesized than sounding more like real drums. Where some typical Hip-Hop beats uses. Drum beats like acoustic snares, kicks, hi-hats or tambourines. Sometimes TR-808 kick and clap (rather than snare) are also common for hip-hop, specially from the west-coast. East-coast has more of that old school jazz drum beats which I also like. Here are few beat makers showing basic drum beats using the MPC in YouTube. Something I do as well, just not as often.

Here is Boon Doc. One thing about Boon Doc is that he can get really animated. All head bopping and what not, attitude at the end. But this dude is a genus when it comes to sampling old school records mostly from the 70's or late 60's. Last time I heard of him in YouTube is that he transitioned towards the real thing like actual real instruments than just doing sampling from an MPC 1000 quantizing, sequencing, and all that. Even switch his well known signature using the MPC 1000 religiously with followers, to using USB type midi controlled MPC which is the MPD32.

Here is Kay Kay, I wanna buy few of her drum kits. Just because I want to buy some of her kits. I think she makes MPC 1000 pretty for us beat makers. Actually she's got some skills, and she'll devour any exaggerated egos out there that most beat makers can't take control of sometimes. Anyways, here she is doing her thing.

This is DJ Hellfire. Just recently find out about this dude, same as Kay Kay. This dude showed a bit of that basic step of making drum beats, but I'm more impressed about the way he sampled Led Zepplin's guitar sounds. It doesn't sound like a long track but just the idea that he sampled something different is what I find cool.

Bicycle - The New Invention!

Old Bicycle
What if Bicycles was is invented this year. Than it was in 1817. Everyone would be amaze by it. "Behold! the Bicycle… powered only with the Human Power.. That's right people.. no gas, no electric, not even steam!!! Just human energy!" All sold out from any local stores in a month. Maybe in a week. In a day? Just a year after being invented and then mass produced.

I was thinking about this three weeks ago till recently during my grave shift. There are several kids on BMX cruising by, regular folks doing early morning exercises with their mountain bikes, older people with their vintage cruiser bikes, and few road cyclers looking like slim chupacabras. Then I see motorcycles from japanese imports to american chopper bikes screaming like loud farts. And I thought what if there are bicycles just as fast than a motorcycle or even faster.

In three years, after bicycles are mass produced and sold out a year after it was invented, they would probably come up with an updated and more advance bicycle which is the "Bicycle Car". All men powered. Perhaps just as fast as regular car or even faster. That bicycle car would have the same type of concept as the Handcar.
The Bicycle Car would have battery operated starter (when starting at the stop lights - or needed advantages to rest - even as additional muscle as you paddle). And that battery was energized from a renewal energy, like the solar energy for instance. Perhaps it has four wheels or even five wheels. One driver, who also uses leg power, and two other humans as generator using arms or leg power. In twenty years, or maybe even less than that, the streets and freeways would be filled with nothing more than a man powered bicycle cars. Hopefully my words illustrates it enough about how that would look. I'll probably do that later.

Everyone would be looking fit, like people from China and Vietnam. Where they have evolve even more extreme about taking advantage of using a bicycle.

The rest of the bicycles would be the last to be invented. Backwards…. Bicycles like Racing Bicycles, Recumbent Bicycles, Mountain Bikes, Cruiser Bikes, BMX, Low Rider Bicycles and etc...

From The Bicycle Mechanic. So far, this is the only modern bicycle concept I have seen in the internet, since bicycle was invented in 1817 by a German Inventor named Karl Drais. Automobiles was invented after, around 1885. And it was powered by "steam" (hot coals). Then to gas, thats when it was mass produced in the 1900's. Because why sweat it when you can use gasoline.

One of my other favorite about bicycles is The Bamboo Bicycle Project, which is in Ghana Africa.

No Facebook in China

No Tweeters, no Blogger, they have Google and YoutTube but certain issues like tragic political histories are blocked. Recently, I think Google and Youtube are blocked too. Most of their youth have no idea Tiananmen Square Massacre even existed back in 1989. Except for the few that can hack through it in their Universities. That's like the movie Matrix, where Neo wants to find out the truth, while the rest just think history is just a pass, pointless, and be better to just move on. True, at least the Chinese youth have nothing to complain about, no grudges, and just focus more on making their own pockets and country wealthier and wealthier. I heard Hong-Kong waste more food than Americans or any other countries. To me, thats like to not finish your meal in a restaurant shows the levels of how high your prestige is. Either that, or they are just too busy to finish a meal. The rest, I've seen it in the news. And a co-worker of mine told me a few. He came from Shanghai with a passion in history, focusing on Chinese & American relations. He says he wants to be a professor someday here in the States. Already submitted his applications to 20 Universities. To name a few, are Harvard, USSC, Stanford, Berkeley, and etc.

You know, it's weird because my cousin from Hong-Kong have a Facebook account. But uses her mobile phone…?

Some links:
First Twitter, now Facebook: banned in China
Lists of Websites Blocked in the People's Republic of China
Banned in China, Facebook opens office in Hong Kong

Here is a sample clip of the Youth in China about Tiananmen Square.

Little history of Tiananmen Square Uprising.

Lately, my brother told me about a lady he bumped into who were passing out flyers about regular people in China, who works out in the gym and then get tortured for it, because they might be taking steroids to overthrow the government. Actually, that was just a sarcasm. He did though have a flyer considering about Falon Gong. The art started in 1992. 3 years after 1989 (Tiananmen Square Massacre) it's the wrong time to start the martial art, but I guess it was important for some people to practice something a little more advance than Tai Chi, pretty similar type of principle. But I don't think there's anything suspicious about it. It's a free your mind physical and mental exercises. Rather than pouching and pushing the numbers up, where other countries needs the number too. Well, we all need the numbers, I need it too. But there's nothing wrong with relaxing away stress once in awhile in an open park, and everyone can join in, with none of that negative vibes man. It's not like they will do that all week thought out the month 24-7. Until they decide to keep it permanent. And in order to keep it that way, is to start a rebellion. If that succeed, most people will live like a slacker from jamaica smoking marijuana, from marijuana to PCP, making them having super power strength like Arnold Schwarzenegger to over throw the government. I think that's ridiculous. Just my opinion.

Here is one example of a Falon Gong practitioner who had been tortured.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grind Time vs Rodney Dangerfield

It's not my cup of tea… one of my teenage relative likes it. For some reason these east-coast rap battles sort of remind me of Rodney Dangerfield. Probably because his a Jew and also from the east-coast. If only Dangerfield has an opponent he would probably grind these guys out. Okay, here is Rodney Dangerfield on the first three YouTube videos.

ClassicTelevisionBlog - Comedian Rodney Dangerfield

ClassicTelevisionBlog - Rodney on The Tonight Show

Rodney Dangerfield - CaddyShack!

Now here are the rappers from Grind Time. I must warn you, these guys ain't typical hip-hop artist that the mainstream may know. Some probably seen parts from the movie 8 Miles by Eminem, when Rabbit went unto a freestyle rap battle. Well it's exactly like that. This is modern urban Shakespeare stuff from the east-coast, but I'm sure it's everywhere now even more. It's more like "Yo Mama Jokes", where they clown each other up. Except they rhyme and flow more like rappers and downgrade each other up way dirtier than Yo Mama Jokes. Hey the tongue is a double edge sword that can cut a human soul. Like young kids playing with a pistol found in the yard with a lot of bystanders around minding their own business. It's funny how some of them dresses like kindergarten but speaks so graphically, like they're gonna steal your lunch bag, with peanut-butter banana sandwich inside it.

Mr Sell vs Dirt

Madness vs Soul Khan

Soul Khan vs Fresco

E Ness vs Iron Solomon