Friday, July 27, 2012

Akai MPKmini - Unboxing

MPKmini & Laptop SET

I've been producing like mad since I got this unit few weeks ago.. It's so portable, so it's really comfortable to just stay in one place and jam to it. I haven't really sat down and made a proper tracks yet like sequencing and layering. Mostly tests. And so far so good.. this is really great portable laptop midi-keyboard. I am OK with the small keys since I am already used of the Microkorg Vocoder which the keyboard has similar feel to them.

If I have enough space in my room - I would also get me the Akai MPK 61. For the fact that it has 16 Pads.. has Knobs, and Sliders. Unlike the MPK mini where it only has 8 keys. MPKmini PADs can be really tricky to use in realtime sessions or in sequencing alone. So I only use the Keys. They work and all, but using them in Reason's Kong only works on BANK A from Pad 9 to 16. But Bank B only gets me to Reason's Kong PAD 1 to 4 from MPK mini's PAD 5 to 8. Pads doesn't have ARPEGGIATOR, only the Keys does. Bottom line, it's all good.. I may not even get the Akai MPK 61 at all. Plus the Akai MPK 61 is too big just for a "midi-controller". For it's size, It would be really great if you can actually import samples and drum kits into it.. Like the traditional MPC drum machines / samplers. Has a Hard Drive and Flash Cards etc…

Here are several samples of what I've done using few of my favorite Virtual Synths, with the Akai MPKmini. You may wanna turn your volume just a little bit higher. And adjust your Bass and Treble. These tracks are not processed yet.


The delivery box from Amazon.

There she is.. 

Outta the box.. Box is new, no seem to be a scam here.

The back of the box.. some quick guide here. Plug and play with a laptop.

There she is again.. with the USB adapter next to it.

Guide Booklet and Installation DVD.

So damn weightless. Like a toy almost. First impression about the weight is my question of it's durability, and then I thought about the price which is under 80 bucks.

I say it's as thick as the iBook G4 Laptop. Just the right thickness.

The USB port. No power chords man. Just plug the USB through this and to your Laptop. And good to go.

The Pads, doesn't pressed down, like the other Pads I've had previously.

The Keys are tiny. Some reviewers has complaints to them. But I am all good with it.. the keyboard are pretty similar with the Korg Microkorg's keyboard, which I am used of using as a synthesizers over the pass years. Man some producers even uses smaller keyboards from an iPhone apps with fat fingers and can still make something out of it in a studio.

This is great.. portable knobs.. less use of the mouse for it.

Has an Arpeggiator… and you can select the tempo. 

Don't let the size fool you, this is a King-Kong Monster.. disguised as a cute cuddle monkey.

So that's my review on this Akai MPKmini…

Hopefully I'll have time to produce some full tracks out of this… I really wanna thanks Akai for this one. Great job.

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